OOTW | Outfits of the Week

Hey peeps✨

Here are some recent OOTD’s!! I’ve been very happy with my outfits lately😊😊😊


Top: Brandy Melville
Shorts: Thrifted & DIYed (American Apparel inspired)
Cardigan: Boathouse


Top: Brandy Melville
Jeans: Garage
Cardigan: Boathouse


Top: Thrifted (Brand: Cherokee)
Jeans: Garage
Cardigan: Wal-Mart


Romper: Target

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Top: Brandy Melville
Shorts: Thrifted (American Apparel inspired)


Top: Brandy Melville
Shorts: Brandy Melville
Cardigan: Boathouse

Hope you enjoy my OOTD’s🍃🍃

What I Got For Christmas // 2014

Hey lovely people👼

I decided to share with you all what I received this holiday😋🎅 Just a lil disclaimer, I’m not here to brag, and to me this haul is no different than any other haul except the items weren’t purchased by me! Let’s get started☺️ I’m going to divide my gifts up into little categories😄


I got a buncha shirts and I love ’em all! The first one (top left) is from Garage, a ‘ringer shirt’ that’s white and periwinkle stripes with black contrasting arm & necklines. The next one, is a peachy pink loose fitting shirt that says “Brooklyn New York” on it, and it’s from H&M. The next shirt is also from H&M, a plan white crop top! I love it’s simplicity. Lastly also from H&M, is a boxy grey crop top with floral designs on it :)


I also was lucky enough to receive a bunch of bottoms! I got two skirts both from H&M, a grey floral skater skirt with green and pink flowers, and a long black maxi skirt with small floral designs. Also from H&M I got a pair of leggings with leather details! Lastly from Garage I got a pair of boyfriend jeans I’m positively obsessed with.

More Clothing:

Clothing definitely was the highlight of my christmas! I also was lucky enough to receive a cozy cream cardigan from BlueNotes, a Victoria’s Secret orange sweater, and two pairs of Vans I absolutely adore!

Socks & Gloves

I received this little items in my christmas sock, three pairs of socks (One regular, one super fuzzy, and knee high socks!).

Beauty & Hygiene

I received a whole whack of beauty stuff including: 2 Body Shop masks, blotting sheets, a Revlon hair dryer, cotton rounds, the Soap & Glory ‘pulp fiction’ body scrub (smells delightful), a Victoria’s Secret body mist set, 2 Lush bath bombs, a shower cap, and Sally Hansen nail stickers!


Lastly, I got some makeup goodies! Many from Nyx, 2 lip glosses in ‘Salsa’ and ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, a lip balm in ‘Biscotti’, a roll on shimmer in ‘Nude’, and a single eyeshadow in ‘Aloha’. I also got some other lip goodies, a Chapstick Mix Stix in ‘Caramel Apple’ and a Maybelline Lip Gloss in ‘Mirrored Mauve’. Lastly, I got a Sonia Kashuk Eye Brush Kit.

Hope you enjoyed my haul💗☺️,

November Favourites // 2014

Hey lil cuties💖


Coming a lil late, but here’s my November Fav’s😋 Its such a rainy and gloomy day so it’s perfect blogging weather!!

Makeup Favourites💁💅


Beauty wise I haven’t ventured out to purchase any new items, but I have some hard core staples I’ve used almost everyday in November!

Tokidoki ‘Carnivora’ Eyeshadow: This is an oldie, but a Goldie! It has to be my all-time favourite eyelid shade, a beautiful frost champagne with pink undertones. Though it’s not on the market anymore, if there’s anyway you can get your hands on it I highly suggest it!

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara- I received this in my November TopBox (December TopBox post coming soon!!) and ever since I’ve used it I’ve fallen in love💕 I pair it with another mascara (up next) and my lashes look fab!!

L’oreal Voluminous Millions Excess Mascara- Love this mascara as well😍😍 it’s such a nice formula, brush, overall awesome! Paired with the mascara above it gives the perfect length & volume👌

Benefit Ooh La Lift- I received this sample in my Benefit Advent Calendar last Christmas🎅🎄 It’s basically a subtle under-eye brightened, and it works superbly! I find it gives just the right about of brightness without looking too unnatural or sparkly. (Lil note, it’s not meant to cover up dark circles, just brighten)

Almay Liquid Lip Balm- I’ve been digging out all the good treasures this month! I’ve had this lip balm/ lip gloss for quite some time, but nonetheless still love it💞 It’s a lovely pink shade that matches my lips but is just a bit pinker, and it’s blue undertone helps to make your teeth appear whiter! It’s also very non sticky which is a plus🙆

Skincare/Haircare Favourites💆

(Shoutout to my succulent for making this pic 100x better)

Redken Hair Cleansing Shampoo- This shampoo is perfect to use on your scalp every few days to diminish oil and shininess that gets on your scalp! It also smells really nice (like tangerines)🍊🍊

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Daily Facial Cleanser/ Acne Treatment- The name might me misleading, but this 6$ badboy is a toner! It’s light orange in colour, and using a cotton round I apply it twice a day (morning & evening) to the areas with acne/bumps and it helps to get rid of them!

Nivea Roll On Deodorant- No one likes being stinky, so I gotta have a trusty deodorant! This one smells like heaven, works to take away smelly odours, doesn’t stain clothes, and it more convenient because it’s roll on! Overall 10/10 recommendation

Lifestyle Favourites (Memes, Fashion, Etc)

Music wise, I just did a post (the post previous to this one) of my recent favs, so everyone go check that out!

One of my current lifestyle favourites is the new Starbucks that opened up in my city!! I’m super pumped, and it has a drive thru which is a maaaaaaaajor plus!!!


I’ve also really been enjoying taking photos with my new phone (What’s on my IPhone 6 post is a few posts down!) and with photo taking, comes editing apps! Recently I’ve been enjoying VSCO Cam, Afterlight, & Rookie to edit my photos. My current favourite filters are relic, hollow, leila (afterlight), TI, F2, C1 (VSCO Cam), baby skin, & gleam (Rookie)


Another oldie but goldie is my favourite tie dye shirt (found at a local thrift shop by my cottage) that I got a few years ago! And recently I’ve just been wearing the heck out of it😜😜


Lastly, I’ve been having fun finding hilarious and weird memes from the Internet (mostly tumblr) so I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourites😄😄



Hope everyone enjoyed, and tell me if we shared any favourites, or what your November favs were💜💜💜💜

Stay awesome lovelies,

Pretty Skies – My Photography | Part 1

Hey there lovely people of the Internet🙆🙆🙆

I thought since I take so many pictures of the sky, I’d start a series dedicated to the numerous pictures of the sky I’ve taken😋🌅


This picture was the very first pic of the sky I took on my new phone! (See my “What’s on my IPhone 6″ post a few posts down!!) the sky looked like cotton candy and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic☺️


This picture was taken about five minutes after the previous one, but it was the sky in the other direction!! So it was looking snazzy all over the place😝


Me and my mom are obsessed with the sky, so we drove to the perfect spot to capture this pretty pink sky💁💁 A little pink never hurt anyone🎀💞


This last picture was taken on my trip to school (the time provided by the lovely snapchat filter) and I thought the sky looked too cute😍😍

Hope you enjoyed my many sky pics, come back soon for more lovelies😘

Xo, Ali💞🙆

Current Favourite Songs | Autumn 2014 | Arctic Monkeys, Childish Gambino & More

Hey hey heyyy!!

I thought since I’ve been listening to a lot of amazing new music, that I would share my finds with you all😋💕

I’m not gonna go into detail about every song, but just go over some points about some of em☺️


I’ve been absolutely adoring Arctic Monkeys!¡!! Knee Socks is my all time fav but I also listen to Fluorescent Adolescent, Do I Wanna Know, Snap Out Of It and Fireside. Childish Gambino is also another recent favourite, 3005, Hearbeat, and IV. Sweatpants are my current most played❤️ Steve Aoki is also one of my favourite artists recently. I’m obsessed with so many of his songs including Back to Earth, Delirious, Get Me Outta Here, Rage the Night Away, and Turbulence. My other newly discovered artist is Flying Lotus and I adore the song Never Catch Me. My final lil shoutout goes to Style by Taylor Swift which is one of my favourite song of the moment😬👑

Here’s a more detailed “playlist” of my current favourite songs:

•Delirious, Get Me Outta Here, Rage The Night Away, Back to Earth – Steve Aoki
•IV. Sweatpants, Heartbeat, 3005 – Childish Gambino
•Tumblr Girls – G Eazy
•Knee Socks, Fluorescent Adolescent, Snap Out Of It, Fireside, Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkey
•Rap God, Lose Yourself – Eminem
•Style – Taylor Swift
•Never Catch Me- Flying Lotus
•Can’t tell me Nothing, No Church in the Wild- Kanye West
•Peach – The Front Bottoms
•Two Weeks – FKA Twigs
•In Bloom – Nirvana

So many more I’m just stumped!

Hope you all enjoyed and comment your current favourite songs😛

#OOTW Outfits of the Week | October 27th – November 1st | 2014

Hey lovely humanssss!!

Here’s my OOTW’s from the other week, im gonna do them this week also I believe!




Cardigan- Walmart
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Garage

I’m really proud of my outfit😏 I love creating new outfits!! This ones kinda out together and kinda fancy and I think it’s that perfect “Monday” look. Little side note- those jeans are mega comfy!!



Shirt- Brandy Melville
Jeans- Garage

Tuesday’s are my bleh kinda days, so I dressed quite casually. These jeans give off a super chill vibe and I love em❤️❤️



Shirt- Forever 21
Flannel- Garage
Leggings- H&M

I also really love this outfit!! It’s a great summer-to-autumn look!!



Top- H&M
Jeans- Garage

I’m a sucker for wearing the same jeans twice, so I’m guilty as charge for wearing these jeans twice that week!!😏😝😬 But I love like super girly look🌸



Shirt- Brandy Melville
Cardigan- H&M
Leggings- H&M

This look totally seems autumn to me!! It’s super cozy and comfy and I absolutely adored wearing it☺️☺️

Hope everyone enjoyed my OOTD’s and hope you all have a magnificent day😚💞

Xo, Ali💓💓💓

What’s On My iPhone 6 | How I edit my photos + More

Hello marvellous people on the internet😜

I’m currently typing this via my new iPhone 6!!!! I’m mega stoked (if the many exclamation marks didn’t show that already) and I thought it would make a great post to share with you guys what’s on my iPhone and what it looks like☺️ lets get started lads!

Lock screen:


My lock screen is just a funny lil thing I found on Tumblr😋 it just says “I’m too tired to care”. To get in I have a passcode, but also a thumb-scan (I use both, but occasionally the thumb-scan doesn’t work so I use the code).

Home screen:


I only have one page of apps (it feels so much more organized that way). So here’s the basic overview, I have a bunch of folders and such!
I’m gonna tell you guys all the apps except for the ones in folders, I’ll get into those individually😊

In the first row, I have messages, calendar, my photography folder, and newsstand (the pesky little app won’t go into a folder for some reason??). The second row includes notes, clock (use this for my alarm), ITunes Store, and App Store. The third row has health (I use this to track my steps, which I find quite nifty), settings, my “Extra Crap” folder, and calculator. My fourth folder includes FaceTime, contacts, my “Random” folder, and Music. The fifth row of apps is Yahoo Weather, and my “Games” folder. Also, my row of apps that is along the bottom is phone, mail, Safari, and my “Social🙋” folder.

Photography Folder:


My first folder holds all of my photo taking and editing apps! I will at some point get the app “After Light” but I don’t have money in my account for it yet- but just pretend it’s there😋 The first two apps come with the phone, camera and photos which are kinda self explanatory. The next app I have is Squaready, and I use it for the sole purpose of putting a border on my photos. Next, I have my Fotor app, which is my most used. It has editing tools as well as filters which is why I use it most!! After that I have PhotoGrid, and I use that whenever I make collages. QuickFlip is the next app I have, which is super super useful when you take a picture (I’m looking at you iPhone camera) and it flips the picture, this helps it to restore it back. I also have PicLab, for the sole purpose of using cools borders as well as the cool light leak effects they have. Also, I have the Vsco cam app that I just use for filters. My second last app is Adobe Photoshop (no I don’t edit my photos in the way you think) I just use the cool filters it has:-) Lastly I have the Rookie app, that i just recently downloaded and have been playing around with😋😋

ExtraCrap😝 Folder:



This folder pretty much entails all those apps the iPhone comes with that you barely use, and wish you could delete. Those include Compass, Tips, Voice Memos, Stocks, Videos, Game Center, Podcasts, Passbooks, Maps (okay I occasionally use this app), IBooks, reminders, and Weather.

Random Folder:


This folder is the little folder filled with my misfit apps that had no place😜 Firstly there’s Shazam, which is this super nifty app that listens to music and tells you what song it is (Super useful if you hear music out and about and adore it or watching a tv show). Next I have Timetable, where I store all my school schedules in case I ever forgot them! My third app is called clue, and basically is just a period tracker (for gals only). I also have the Rogers app to make sure I’m not going over my data (the daily struggle). My second last app is the Characters app, which are like those cool symbols you see around, including ☮☪☼☆☯♡☻☠. Finally, I have the Dreamdays app to countdown special days like my birthday and Christmas (So excited for both!!!)

Games Folder:


I’m not a gaming girl, but I do have a couple games in case I get bored! I have Piano Tiles (my record on the normal version is 402), Plants vs zombies, and Flappy Wings (aka a fake Flappy Bird) and my highscore on that is 44.

Social🙋 Folder:


My most used folder!! It includes Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat (double chin central), Instagram (go follow me @thecutelittlebeautyblog), Tumblr, WordPress, Followers (to see my followers on Tumblr and Instagram), Buzzfeed (an amazing app, and website I definitely recommend it to every human), and Vine.

Hope you enjoyed and comment below your favourite app lovelies❤️❤️