What I Got For Christmas // 2014

Hey lovely people👼

I decided to share with you all what I received this holiday😋🎅 Just a lil disclaimer, I’m not here to brag, and to me this haul is no different than any other haul except the items weren’t purchased by me! Let’s get started☺️ I’m going to divide my gifts up into little categories😄


I got a buncha shirts and I love ’em all! The first one (top left) is from Garage, a ‘ringer shirt’ that’s white and periwinkle stripes with black contrasting arm & necklines. The next one, is a peachy pink loose fitting shirt that says “Brooklyn New York” on it, and it’s from H&M. The next shirt is also from H&M, a plan white crop top! I love it’s simplicity. Lastly also from H&M, is a boxy grey crop top with floral designs on it 🙂


I also was lucky enough to receive a bunch of bottoms! I got two skirts both from H&M, a grey floral skater skirt with green and pink flowers, and a long black maxi skirt with small floral designs. Also from H&M I got a pair of leggings with leather details! Lastly from Garage I got a pair of boyfriend jeans I’m positively obsessed with.

More Clothing:

Clothing definitely was the highlight of my christmas! I also was lucky enough to receive a cozy cream cardigan from BlueNotes, a Victoria’s Secret orange sweater, and two pairs of Vans I absolutely adore!

Socks & Gloves

I received this little items in my christmas sock, three pairs of socks (One regular, one super fuzzy, and knee high socks!).

Beauty & Hygiene

I received a whole whack of beauty stuff including: 2 Body Shop masks, blotting sheets, a Revlon hair dryer, cotton rounds, the Soap & Glory ‘pulp fiction’ body scrub (smells delightful), a Victoria’s Secret body mist set, 2 Lush bath bombs, a shower cap, and Sally Hansen nail stickers!


Lastly, I got some makeup goodies! Many from Nyx, 2 lip glosses in ‘Salsa’ and ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, a lip balm in ‘Biscotti’, a roll on shimmer in ‘Nude’, and a single eyeshadow in ‘Aloha’. I also got some other lip goodies, a Chapstick Mix Stix in ‘Caramel Apple’ and a Maybelline Lip Gloss in ‘Mirrored Mauve’. Lastly, I got a Sonia Kashuk Eye Brush Kit.

Hope you enjoyed my haul💗☺️,


I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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