November Favourites // 2014

Hey lil cuties💖


Coming a lil late, but here’s my November Fav’s😋 Its such a rainy and gloomy day so it’s perfect blogging weather!!

Makeup Favourites💁💅


Beauty wise I haven’t ventured out to purchase any new items, but I have some hard core staples I’ve used almost everyday in November!

Tokidoki ‘Carnivora’ Eyeshadow: This is an oldie, but a Goldie! It has to be my all-time favourite eyelid shade, a beautiful frost champagne with pink undertones. Though it’s not on the market anymore, if there’s anyway you can get your hands on it I highly suggest it!

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara- I received this in my November TopBox (December TopBox post coming soon!!) and ever since I’ve used it I’ve fallen in love💕 I pair it with another mascara (up next) and my lashes look fab!!

L’oreal Voluminous Millions Excess Mascara- Love this mascara as well😍😍 it’s such a nice formula, brush, overall awesome! Paired with the mascara above it gives the perfect length & volume👌

Benefit Ooh La Lift- I received this sample in my Benefit Advent Calendar last Christmas🎅🎄 It’s basically a subtle under-eye brightened, and it works superbly! I find it gives just the right about of brightness without looking too unnatural or sparkly. (Lil note, it’s not meant to cover up dark circles, just brighten)

Almay Liquid Lip Balm- I’ve been digging out all the good treasures this month! I’ve had this lip balm/ lip gloss for quite some time, but nonetheless still love it💞 It’s a lovely pink shade that matches my lips but is just a bit pinker, and it’s blue undertone helps to make your teeth appear whiter! It’s also very non sticky which is a plus🙆

Skincare/Haircare Favourites💆

(Shoutout to my succulent for making this pic 100x better)

Redken Hair Cleansing Shampoo- This shampoo is perfect to use on your scalp every few days to diminish oil and shininess that gets on your scalp! It also smells really nice (like tangerines)🍊🍊

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Daily Facial Cleanser/ Acne Treatment- The name might me misleading, but this 6$ badboy is a toner! It’s light orange in colour, and using a cotton round I apply it twice a day (morning & evening) to the areas with acne/bumps and it helps to get rid of them!

Nivea Roll On Deodorant- No one likes being stinky, so I gotta have a trusty deodorant! This one smells like heaven, works to take away smelly odours, doesn’t stain clothes, and it more convenient because it’s roll on! Overall 10/10 recommendation

Lifestyle Favourites (Memes, Fashion, Etc)

Music wise, I just did a post (the post previous to this one) of my recent favs, so everyone go check that out!

One of my current lifestyle favourites is the new Starbucks that opened up in my city!! I’m super pumped, and it has a drive thru which is a maaaaaaaajor plus!!!


I’ve also really been enjoying taking photos with my new phone (What’s on my IPhone 6 post is a few posts down!) and with photo taking, comes editing apps! Recently I’ve been enjoying VSCO Cam, Afterlight, & Rookie to edit my photos. My current favourite filters are relic, hollow, leila (afterlight), TI, F2, C1 (VSCO Cam), baby skin, & gleam (Rookie)


Another oldie but goldie is my favourite tie dye shirt (found at a local thrift shop by my cottage) that I got a few years ago! And recently I’ve just been wearing the heck out of it😜😜


Lastly, I’ve been having fun finding hilarious and weird memes from the Internet (mostly tumblr) so I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourites😄😄



Hope everyone enjoyed, and tell me if we shared any favourites, or what your November favs were💜💜💜💜

Stay awesome lovelies,


I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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