“Granny Takes A Dip” Bath Bomb Review | Lush 

Hiya beauty babes💓

Lush is unfortunately discontinuing some of my (and most likely your) favourite products! On the bright side, this is to make room for some lovely new additions. “Granny Takes A Dip” just so happens to be one of the bath bombs being discontinued, so I thought I’d review it before it was no longer for sale.

Granny takes a dip is an apple-cinnamon smelling, very colourful bath bomb with a funky name to match. 

As you can see, it’s magenta, blue, bright orange, and forest green. A very intriguing combo. It’s a large circle, bigger than my hand.


After the bath bomb being submerged into the water for a few seconds, this was the result: 


After it was in the bath for 20 seconds, it looked a little something like this: 

After a minute, it began to fill the bath tub up with a delicate light pink: 

  Another minute passes by, and the bath become more of a pink-purple: 

Here’s some shots of is close to being completely dissolved into the water:



All in all, it’s a crazy fun bath bomb that’s absolutely fascinating to look at, and I totally recommend you snatch a few up before it’s off the shelves for good! 🙊
Xo, Ali


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