About Us

Hello, I’m Ali!

I’m the writer of this little slice of the internet, The Cute Little Beauty Blog.

I write mostly beauty (hence the name) but I’ve been venturing into the fashion realm, and the lifestyle one as well. I think the three topics add a nice sprinkle of diversity here on my blog!

My 1 year blog-aversary was January 12th so this little blog just blew out it’s first birthday candle!

As for me, I love writing this blog. Writing has been a passion of mine since I was two, when I wrote a story and embellished it with Strawberry Shortcake stickers. I think I have matured since then, but I still love pink & strawberries! As for my other passions, I love to read (I’m currently reading the final instalment of the Divergent series, Allegiant and am very close to finishing it!). I also have quite the picky palate, creme brulee, aged cheese, curry, and pasta being my favourite meals to indulge in.

I also have a few little frivolous things I adore like pink lemonade (Especially from In & Out Burger!), floral, the words trinket and bramble, as well as Lorde’s music. 

For entertainment, the app Minion Rush has been a favourite of mine (I’m basically addicted to it). For TV shows and movies, Friends is my all time favourite, next to Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Movie wise, I love Brave, Ratatouille, AristoCats, Alice in Wonderland and basically any and every animated Disney movie (They’ll always have a place in my heart!)

That concludes my “about me” but I’d love to know more about you, so drop some fun facts and your blog link in the comments!



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Bella Aykroyd says:

    Hi, thinking about starting a blog about fashion, beauty and make up etc… I heard about guest blogging, i don’t know if you would mind helping me out a little and if i was to send you a guest post and you send me one for my blog? If you could maybe email me with a answer at bellaaaykroyd123@gmail.com!

I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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