Social Media

I love to be socially active so I am a part of many social media sites. I love connecting with you guys! I’m always open to other social media platforms you suggest so comment below ones I should join. To check out what social media platforms I’m already using, click the links below!

Twitter: I am always on my Twitter tweeting about anything beauty related. Come and follow me!

Bloglovin’: Want to be updated on all my posts? Follow me on Bloglovin’:

Pinterest: Find me pinning the day away on Pinterest! I pin beauty, fashion, skincare, & jewelry:

Instagram: Want to see my life in pics? Then hop on over to Instagram and give me a follow:

Polyvore: Polyvore let’s me express my fashion-y side to you all!

Luvocracy: A Pinterest like experience but you can purchase everything you pin!

Email: I recently created an email for my blog so feel free to email me at thecutelittlebeautyblog at gmail dot com

I am currently working on starting up my blog with other social media so check back to see the latest social media platforms I’m apart of.


I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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