What’s On My iPhone 6 | How I edit my photos + More

Hello marvellous people on the internet😜

I’m currently typing this via my new iPhone 6!!!! I’m mega stoked (if the many exclamation marks didn’t show that already) and I thought it would make a great post to share with you guys what’s on my iPhone and what it looks like☺️ lets get started lads!

Lock screen:


My lock screen is just a funny lil thing I found on Tumblr😋 it just says “I’m too tired to care”. To get in I have a passcode, but also a thumb-scan (I use both, but occasionally the thumb-scan doesn’t work so I use the code).

Home screen:


I only have one page of apps (it feels so much more organized that way). So here’s the basic overview, I have a bunch of folders and such!
I’m gonna tell you guys all the apps except for the ones in folders, I’ll get into those individually😊

In the first row, I have messages, calendar, my photography folder, and newsstand (the pesky little app won’t go into a folder for some reason??). The second row includes notes, clock (use this for my alarm), ITunes Store, and App Store. The third row has health (I use this to track my steps, which I find quite nifty), settings, my “Extra Crap” folder, and calculator. My fourth folder includes FaceTime, contacts, my “Random” folder, and Music. The fifth row of apps is Yahoo Weather, and my “Games” folder. Also, my row of apps that is along the bottom is phone, mail, Safari, and my “Social🙋” folder.

Photography Folder:


My first folder holds all of my photo taking and editing apps! I will at some point get the app “After Light” but I don’t have money in my account for it yet- but just pretend it’s there😋 The first two apps come with the phone, camera and photos which are kinda self explanatory. The next app I have is Squaready, and I use it for the sole purpose of putting a border on my photos. Next, I have my Fotor app, which is my most used. It has editing tools as well as filters which is why I use it most!! After that I have PhotoGrid, and I use that whenever I make collages. QuickFlip is the next app I have, which is super super useful when you take a picture (I’m looking at you iPhone camera) and it flips the picture, this helps it to restore it back. I also have PicLab, for the sole purpose of using cools borders as well as the cool light leak effects they have. Also, I have the Vsco cam app that I just use for filters. My second last app is Adobe Photoshop (no I don’t edit my photos in the way you think) I just use the cool filters it has:-) Lastly I have the Rookie app, that i just recently downloaded and have been playing around with😋😋

ExtraCrap😝 Folder:



This folder pretty much entails all those apps the iPhone comes with that you barely use, and wish you could delete. Those include Compass, Tips, Voice Memos, Stocks, Videos, Game Center, Podcasts, Passbooks, Maps (okay I occasionally use this app), IBooks, reminders, and Weather.

Random Folder:


This folder is the little folder filled with my misfit apps that had no place😜 Firstly there’s Shazam, which is this super nifty app that listens to music and tells you what song it is (Super useful if you hear music out and about and adore it or watching a tv show). Next I have Timetable, where I store all my school schedules in case I ever forgot them! My third app is called clue, and basically is just a period tracker (for gals only). I also have the Rogers app to make sure I’m not going over my data (the daily struggle). My second last app is the Characters app, which are like those cool symbols you see around, including ☮☪☼☆☯♡☻☠. Finally, I have the Dreamdays app to countdown special days like my birthday and Christmas (So excited for both!!!)

Games Folder:


I’m not a gaming girl, but I do have a couple games in case I get bored! I have Piano Tiles (my record on the normal version is 402), Plants vs zombies, and Flappy Wings (aka a fake Flappy Bird) and my highscore on that is 44.

Social🙋 Folder:


My most used folder!! It includes Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat (double chin central), Instagram (go follow me @thecutelittlebeautyblog), Tumblr, WordPress, Followers (to see my followers on Tumblr and Instagram), Buzzfeed (an amazing app, and website I definitely recommend it to every human), and Vine.

Hope you enjoyed and comment below your favourite app lovelies❤️❤️


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