Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish in ‘I Lilac You’ | Review + Pictures | 2014 |

Hello All!

I adore nail polish, pastel being one of my favourites! This shade like it’s adorable name (I Lilac You) is a lovely creamy lilac. I find myself applying one or two coats to get the perfect opaqueness. Also this formula is very fast drying which is very good, especially during the upcoming school season! Another bonus about this lovely little polish is the price is a little below three dollars, which makes it so great! Overall I recommend it for the price, colour, formula, wear, and basically everything!

photo 2-107 photo 1-103


Hope you enjoyed today’s review!


Disclaimer: Not sponsored, purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are my own

Get to Know Me Better | 20 Facts About Me Tag | 2014

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I love little posts like these- they help me learn fun little bits about people, so I thought I’d to the same!



  1. My style is a mix of girly, grunge, classic, and casual, pretty much whatever I’m in the mood for!
  2. Alternative, Hip Hop, Baroque Pop/Sadcore, and some Pop
  3. My favourite bands/artists currently are Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Lana Del Rey, Troye Sivan, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, and More
  4. I’m getting a gold iPhone 6 soon and I’m beyond excited
  5. I was a size eight in shoes at the beginning of summer and I’m officially size nine now :o
  6. I practically live in my converse they’re my favourite
  7. I recently got skull candy headphones because I literally break all my earbuds
  8. I don’t have a favourite colour, but my least favourite colours are yellow and orange
  9. I’m currently reading Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s new book
  10. I’ve been leaving my conditioner in (not washing it out) and my curls look so much better now!
  11. I’m wearing a camp onsie for halloween :)
  12. I recently went thrifting and got two flannels, a huge jacket, and a large sportswear shirt (Haul to come!)
  13. I’m going to start contemporary dancing soon, I’m super excited/nervous
  14. I joined feminist club, and love it
  15. The Vampire Diaries Season 5, and Once Upon A Time Season 3 both came out on Netflix, and I’m so utterly happy
  16. I’ve been wearing cat eyes/ eyeliner wings recently and I adore the look
  17. I got a choker, and I actually love the style
  18. I really wanna start getting in shape, I’m thinking about starting a fitness series on here to keep me accountable!!
  19. I have been posting much because Im either at school, doing homework, with friends, cleaning, or relaxing, and I’m having a hard time finding time to blog, but I think I’m going to write blog posts on sunday and post them throughout the week, so look out for a blogging schedule!
  20. I’ve met some new friends recently, and I’ve been really happy about it

Thanks for reading my 20 facts about me, and feel free to tell me if we have any in common!


Why do you wear makeup? TAG | The Cute Little Beauty Blog

Hello Hello Hellooooo

I was tagged by the lovely http://thebeautyspotbloguk.wordpress.com/. Her blog is fairly new, and I am so glad she tagged me. Any who, let us begin the tag.


1. When did you begin loving makeup?

I began loving “makeup” around 10 or 11 . And makeup is in quotations because it wasn’t the true makeup I used today. At that age, I applied shimmery lotion to my face (not super shimmery, more radiant I mean), my Hello Kitty Apple Balm, pink nail polish and a palette of light blue eyeshadow.

2. How do you feel without makeup?

I feel okay without makeup. I actually don’t wear or own foundation because I thankfully don’t have bad skin. I am a little insecure with my dark circles though, I cover them up every day. I guess I don’t feel bad without makeup but like anyone I’m a little insecure :)

3.  What do you like about makeup?

I like it because it’s fun. It’s a way to change your appearance and you can reflect your personality and style through the colour of your eyeshadow or the shade of lipstick you’re wearing. It’s also an art, being able to apply “paint” to your “canvas”.

4. 3 Holy Grail items?

Ummmm……. Lets do one of each (eyes, lips, face). For lips, hands down my Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia. It smells heavenly, is creamy and really moisturizes my lips. For eyes, I’ve been loving Wet n Wild’s ‘Walking on Eggshells’ eyeshadow trio. For face, my Nars Creamy Concealer is a must!



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American Apparel Medium Wash Easy Jeans Haul & Review | Back to School Part 3| 2014


I recently ordered a pair of American Apparel ‘Easy Jeans’ and I thought I’d do a little haul of them, and give you guys an in depth review because they are quite expensive! Any who, lets get started…

AriaWatermelon2AriaWatermelon1Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 9.04.30 PM

1. Unique Attributes: First off, above I have two photographs of the jeans that I took on myself, and one from the website. Some things very distinct about these jeans compared to other are they’re very highwaisted (and make it very easy to pass crop tops as regular tops, especially at school!). Another unique attribute is they have no front pockets, which I enjoy and I think it gives a sleeker look, however it might not be everyones cup of tea.

2. Colour: As for color, I purchased these in the ‘medium stone wash’. I really like the colour, and find it works well with most tops. It is very true to colour, because as you can see above my pictures pretty well match the websites picture, so props to American Apparel.

3. Fit & Size: When it comes to fit, they fit so nicely! They really hug your legs, and they aren’t so tight they are suffocating your legs, but still hug your legs really well. Another thing is I have bad problems with not being able to get my heel through jeans, but with these jeans, no problem! As for fit, I got and XS and I’m 5’6 so if you’re questioning what size, size down.

Overall, I really enjoy these jeans and if you’re willing to shell out the cash, I think they’re totally worth it!

Hope you enjoyed, and come back soon for an H&M haul!



Back to School D.I.Y | Tumblr Inspired Notebook Cover | 2014

Hello internet friends!

I decided to take a little break from back-to-school clothing hauls, so today I thought I’d do a back-to-school D.I.Y for you all! It’s super fun and great to personalize, and the finished look is so pretty! One little note, the pictures are filtered, because the natural lighting sucked that day, but, you get the picture!

The back-to-school season has arrived once again! And I actually enjoy this time of year, many dread it. To make this back-to-school season more exciting for some, and less dreadful for some, I have this super fun Tumblr Inspired notebook cover. (Click on any image to enlarge it!)



  • Scissors
  • 1 piece of blank paper
  • Printer (with paper)
  • Glue stick (or any form of glue/adhesive)
  • The Internet
  • A Notebook



Step 1: After you’ve gathered your supplies, go on the internet (I suggest Tumblr) and find images you like and put them into a word document, and print them out. I suggest having a theme; whether it be colour or what’s on the images (Mine is black, white, and green).

Step 2: Once you’ve printed the sheet(s) out, cut the images out individually using scissors.


Step 3: Get your piece of paper, and cut and adjust it to fit the cover of your notebook. Next, arrange images onto the paper until you are satisfied with the look. (The image doesn’t show the paper, but I used it)


Step 4: Once you’ve chosen the look for your notebook cover, take a picture with your phone or camera, so if something happens in the gluing process and things move around, you know how to re-arrange it.


Step 5: Using your glue stick (Or whatever you choose) glue down the images to the paper, one by one. Smooth out each image with your hands and knuckles to prevent bubbles.

Step 6: When you’ve finished gluing the images down, glue the paper to your notebook. Again, use your hand to smooth out any bubbles. Cut off any excess if needed. This is optional, but I had this sticky clear stuff you cover posters in so they stay intact, and I put that over it.



And you’re finished!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy back-to-school d.i.y! If you try it, tweet me pics or tag me on instagram (Twitter: @cutelil_b_blog Instagram: @thecutelittlebeautyblog)


Brandy Melville Try On Haul | Back to School Haul Part 2 | 2014


I’ve been getting lots of back-to-school clothing, and my Brandy Melville online order just came, so I thought I’d share them with you! I only ordered tops, so I’ve paired everything with my leggings and my white crochet shorts. Enjoy!

Mirella New York Top:

This top is a lovely tank top with slits on the bottom on each side, and a new york skyline and new york graphic. I love the way it looks with leggings and a cardigan.



Striped Nadine Top:

The ‘Nadine’ top with black and white stripes is to die for! I love the stripes, and the black contrasting neckline and arms. And I can’t go without mentioning the softness! I feel like I’m wearing pyjamas, and frankly that’s okay with me ;)



Light Pink Victoria Top:

I know I said the last top was soft. But this is the softest thing in my wardrobe. No joke. It’s soooooooooooo soft! I freaking adore it. The cut and collar really go well, and I love the dusty pink colour. Overall, it’s a great basic!



Vintage Camera Caleigh Top:

This top is made of a very thick, but soft material. I love the cuffed sleeves, and I think the graphic is so tumblr-y. It was the most expensive thing I got, but I love it!



Sadie Wave Top:

I love muscle tees, so I couldn’t pass this one up. It’s a simple, soft, long black flowy top with a wave graphic that just channels the beach. I think it’d be great with black leggings and a flannel!



Grey Nadine Top:

I ordered to Nadine tops, this being the second. I love the soft gray other in contrast with the black neckline and arms. It is also soft, but it’s not as soft as the other Nadine top!



Black Sachi Halter Top:

This was the most inexpensive top I ordered, a simple black halter. I thought it’d be a great layering item, and isn’t a cropped halter so it hits most leggings and jeans without showing stomach, or if any very minimal. I also think it’s great to pair with printed pants and patterned pieces.



Hope you enjoyed my haul, and come back for part 3 (Garage!)


Forever 21 Haul | Back to School Haul Part 1 | 2014


Forever 21 happens to be one of my favourite stores for its inexpensive prices and trendy styles. My order I placed online came in a couple of weeks ago, so I decided I’d do a try on haul for you all, so you can all see what the items look like! I will also put a link to the item :)

1. Floral Crop Top – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/women-top-crop-tops/p/rose-print-crop-top-2000122788–1001

I think this cream crop top with pink floral is so cute and feminine. I just think it fits really well, and goes perfectly with high-waisted pants. Also, if you want to wear it with leggings but your school has a strict dress code, tie a flannel around your waist for a super cool outfit!


Blue Knit Tee – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/women-top-basic/p/favorite-soft-knit-tee-2000062740

This shirt is a great basic, but kinda a little more fun because its blue! I think it’s a great piece when you wanna be comfy, or let your necklace be the attention grabber of your outfit. I find it works best with leggings!


Aloha Crop Top – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/boxy-aloha-tee-2000059755–1001

As soon as I saw this top online I just knew it was mine! I don’t own a lot of red (No red shirts, actually!) but this caught my attention. It reminds me of the ‘Nadine’ tops from Brandy Melville , except its cropped. I really like the red colour with the darker red neckline and arms for contrast. The ‘aloha’ graphic is also really fun! I love the way it looks with my American Apparel easy jeans, because it hits right where my jeans are.


Black Crop Top – Couldn’t find link :(

This top is a great basic (I have like no basics, so I bought a bunch!). I think it’s great to layer with and to go with printed bottoms. Plus, it was super inexpensive!


Baseball Tee – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/burnout-baseball-tee-2000066875–1001

This baseball shirt is sooooo cute! I love the dark charcoal sleeves and neckline in contrast with the dark heather fray middle. I think it’s a great basic piece to wear with leggings, and I think wearing it with a necklace would look really cool. Also, I envision myself wearing this with a fishtail braid, to balance out femininity and sportiness!


Floral Leggings – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/women-bottom-leggings/p/dainty-floral-leggings-2000069875

I’m a leggings lover, and I fell in love with this print! The pattern is so cute and delicate, and I have a soft spot for floral, so it was a win-win. They’re super comfortable and fit great, but aren’t so tight your legs are being suffocated. I think its a great piece to wear a graphic muscle tee (which I have enough of to build an army) and cardigan!


Black Flowy Tank – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/women-top-basic/p/casual-knit-tank-2000069466–1001

Another great basic I purchased was this suuuuuper soft flowy knit tank! It’s a super soft material that drapes really nicely and looks really great with patterned pieces, and I just adore it :)


Printed Joggers – http://www.forever21.com/shop/ca/en/p/baroque-print-joggers-2000107363–1001

Lastly, but definitely not least are this awesome printed joggers! I just think they’re so soft and comfy, and basically feel like pyjamas, but they’re waaay more fashionable and trendy. I also think the print is really great, and isn’t super in-your-face. I think it’s great if you wanna dress comfortable but still wanna look fashionable and put together!

Forever21#8 Forever21#9


Hope you enjoyed today’s haul, and come back for four more more very soon (Brandy Melville, Garage, American Apparel, and Brandy Melville Jewelry)