Forever 21 Haul | Back to School Haul Part 1 | 2014


Forever 21 happens to be one of my favourite stores for its inexpensive prices and trendy styles. My order I placed online came in a couple of weeks ago, so I decided I’d do a try on haul for you all, so you can all see what the items look like! I will also put a link to the item 🙂

1. Floral Crop Top ––1001

I think this cream crop top with pink floral is so cute and feminine. I just think it fits really well, and goes perfectly with high-waisted pants. Also, if you want to wear it with leggings but your school has a strict dress code, tie a flannel around your waist for a super cool outfit!


Blue Knit Tee –

This shirt is a great basic, but kinda a little more fun because its blue! I think it’s a great piece when you wanna be comfy, or let your necklace be the attention grabber of your outfit. I find it works best with leggings!


Aloha Crop Top ––1001

As soon as I saw this top online I just knew it was mine! I don’t own a lot of red (No red shirts, actually!) but this caught my attention. It reminds me of the ‘Nadine’ tops from Brandy Melville , except its cropped. I really like the red colour with the darker red neckline and arms for contrast. The ‘aloha’ graphic is also really fun! I love the way it looks with my American Apparel easy jeans, because it hits right where my jeans are.


Black Crop Top – Couldn’t find link 😦

This top is a great basic (I have like no basics, so I bought a bunch!). I think it’s great to layer with and to go with printed bottoms. Plus, it was super inexpensive!


Baseball Tee ––1001

This baseball shirt is sooooo cute! I love the dark charcoal sleeves and neckline in contrast with the dark heather fray middle. I think it’s a great basic piece to wear with leggings, and I think wearing it with a necklace would look really cool. Also, I envision myself wearing this with a fishtail braid, to balance out femininity and sportiness!


Floral Leggings –

I’m a leggings lover, and I fell in love with this print! The pattern is so cute and delicate, and I have a soft spot for floral, so it was a win-win. They’re super comfortable and fit great, but aren’t so tight your legs are being suffocated. I think its a great piece to wear a graphic muscle tee (which I have enough of to build an army) and cardigan!


Black Flowy Tank ––1001

Another great basic I purchased was this suuuuuper soft flowy knit tank! It’s a super soft material that drapes really nicely and looks really great with patterned pieces, and I just adore it 🙂


Printed Joggers ––1001

Lastly, but definitely not least are this awesome printed joggers! I just think they’re so soft and comfy, and basically feel like pyjamas, but they’re waaay more fashionable and trendy. I also think the print is really great, and isn’t super in-your-face. I think it’s great if you wanna dress comfortable but still wanna look fashionable and put together!

Forever21#8 Forever21#9


Hope you enjoyed today’s haul, and come back for four more more very soon (Brandy Melville, Garage, American Apparel, and Brandy Melville Jewelry)



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