How I Would Dress for a Vacation at the Aria in Las Vegas | 2014


I’m very excited to be working with to bring you some outfits that I would wear at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas! Funny thing is, last year I actually spent three days at the Aria in Las Vegas, so I already have experienced it and are well equipped with what I would wear if I went back! Since I am a teenager, I’m going to be showing you outfits for activities that teenagers can do in Las Vegas! So, let’s begin..

And a quick little disclaimer, I am working with but I am not being paid to do this, I just thought when they reached out to me it would be perfect as I’ve been there!

Outfit 1 | ‘My Sweet Floral’ | A Visit to M&M World


My first outfit is for floral and feminine lovers alike! I love the simplicity of the black crop top, and the delicate pattern of the lovely blush pink roses. And just as much as this outfit is sweet, so is the destination I’d wear it to, M&M World! M&M World is a huge 3-4 story building with everything M&M! When I was there, I filled a bag of every colour of M&M’s imaginable  (any colour, even pastel and metallics!).

What I’m Wearing

  • Crop Top – Forever 21
  • Skater Skirt – H&M

Outfit 2 | ‘Fruit Filled Fun’ | Shopping Day!

AriaWatermelon1 AriaWatermelon2

This outfit I find just oh-so adorable! The cutesy watermelon graphic is so lovely paired with my medium wash high waisted jeans. I’d wear this on a shopping day. I loved window shopping in Las Vegas at designer stores, and shopping at makeup stores (Mac, Sephora, Inglot).

What I’m Wearing:

  • Crop Top – H&M
  • Jeans – American Apparel

Outfit 3 | ‘A Night Out’ | Admiring the Lights

AriaRomper1 AriaRomper2

Las Vegas at night is a sight to see. The colourful lights and building are something that easily mesmerizes me. The allure of it all is so lovely, so your outfit should be too! To be seen with all the colourful lights, one needs to dress just as bright! This pink romper has a lovely bohemian print, including tiny little elephants 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

  • Romper – Target

Outfit 4 | ‘Floral At The Pool’ | Chilling by the Pool

AriaHalter1 AriaHalter2

After visiting M&M World, shopping, and admiring Las Vegas, chilling by the Aria’s pool is a must! Before I go into my outfit, I just want to say the pools (Yes, pools!) are so fantastic! I had the pleasure of swimming in them last year, and relaxing poolside. So to match the pools marvellous vibe, I have this simple and put together outfit! The top is a simple halter, and easily goes over your bathing suit. The floral shorts make a great pair, and I guarantee you’ll look great poolside.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Halter Top – Brandy Melville
  • Floral Shorts – H&M

Outfit 5 | ‘Dressy Dinner’ | Eating Out


Now that you’ve had a relaxing time poolside, it’s time to dress up for a lovely dinner at Aria’s humungous buffet! For a dressy but still casual vibe, this floral skater dress fits the bill perfectly! And to pair with it if it gets chilly, I’m wearing a long cream knit cardigan.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Dress – Garage
  • Cardigan – Winners (Brand: Ginger G)

Hope you enjoyed the outfits I’d wear at the Aria, and if you ever go to Las Vegas, I re-recommend everywhere I’ve mentioned!


Disclaimer: I’m working with to bring you this post, but I’m not sponsored or being paid in any way. Everything is 100% my opinion and thoughts!



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