Lazy Day Lifesavers #2: A No Water Needed Cleanser aka Marcelle BB Skin Enhancing Cleanser

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

What up buttercups?!? Feeling all hyper writing today hehee! Today I’m coming at ‘cha with the second instalment in my “Lazy Day Lifesavers” series, in which I share products that I literally could not survive without on those lazy days. (Read my first lazy day lifesavers post here: This weeks “Lazy Day” spotlight is shining strong on my Marcelle BB Skin Enhancing Cleanser, that needs NO water. You heard me right.

Read on fellow fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts alike!

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When I first received this product from Marcelle (but no worries, even though it was sent to me this post isn’t sponsored!) I was actually a tad frazzled on what this product was. It said “BB” so immediately I thought BB Cream, but after reading further I came upon the conclusion that it was a cleanser, but it had a fantastical twist…no water needed! This claim made me so excited! Not gonna lie, cleansing my skin is something I’m pretty skimpy on when it comes to skincare, so taking out the main reason its a pain to me out makes me ecstatic! And, it appeals to the lazy side of me. No more “Ugh, I’m too tired to wash my face”. All you do is apply this to your face (it feels like a thin lotion), rub it into your face as if it was lotion, and then wipe it off with a cotton round.

All in all, this cleanser is basically magic and is amazing when you’re feeling lazy.

Hope you enjoyed and come back soon for another “Lazy Day Lifesaver” post!


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Disclaimer: This cleanser was sent to me by the lovely Marcelle however this post is not paid/sponsored and everything said about the product is the truth (‘Cuz around here it’s the truth and nothing but the truth, Lol) x Ali

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