Arsty Pics #1 | Backyard Photographs | Lifestyle 2014

Hello Hello Helloooooo Everybody!

I decided to start a new little lifestyle series here on my blog! Basically, it’s just some artsy shots of things I’ve come across and I decided they were worthy of sharing with you guys! Today’s artsy photo theme (As in the title) are some pretty finds from my backyard! Below each of the five pictures I go into a little detail about the picture! Enjoy 🙂



I have the luxury of having these lovely raspberries behind my home! We actually ate them a few days ago (I had to make my family wait to eat until I took this picture, hahaaa) they were so delicious! I also just love the look of them for some reason….




I adore this picture for some odd reason, probably because I find moss so intriguing and interesting. This photo was taken right in front of my garden shed and I just thought it looked oh-so-lovely.




This picture had been calling my names for weeks before I finally took it! It just looks so simple but I love it so much. All it was was a pile of bricks with a orange ball on top beside my deck, but I just think it’s so fun!




I found these peculiar plants behind my shed in a pile of leaves and thought they were so lovely! They remind me of little dust devils or tumble weeds, but they’re so miniature!



I just find the plants and the industrial background (A.k.a the side of my house) so contrasting and lovely!

And that, ladies and gents, concludes my first post in this series! Please comment if you’d love to see more, as I won’t post the second instalment unless it gets 5 likes from other wordpress users!



I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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