D.I.Y #3| A Dress into a Skirt!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I love D.I.Y’s (only one?) so of course I’m doing another D.I.Y post! Today’s is me cutting my dress into a shirt. I don’t really have any ‘instructions’ as it’s pretty simple (just cut it!). But, I thought I’d show you guys the end result. Enjoy!




Here’s my dress before. It’s from H&M and is pretty short (meant to wear with leggings) and is black with cream stripes. To cut it, I simply marked where I wanted to cut it and then cut it with scissors! Scroll down to see the final look.

photo 1-97


After cutting it, I was left with a lovely crop top! And though the sleeves were a little big-looking, I still really like it! I think it’s a great way to ‘recycle’ clothing.

photo 2-99


Comment below telling me your fav D.I.Y!


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