Get to Know Me | My Pet Peeves | Spring 2014

Hey there beauty cuties!

Pet peeves. We all have ’em. Instead of bottling them up inside, I’m sharing them with you all today in hopes we have the same ones. If you do, please tell me and feel free to comment your pet peeves below. Now let’s begin…


*Little disclaimer, in no way am I trying to offend anyone/anything I’m just sharing my honest personal opinion*

  • Showering: I know, it gets ya clean. But that doesn’t dispute/omit their major annoyance. I just find is so tedious that I have to take away 20 minutes of my night to shower, then take at least 10 minutes to dry myself, apply lotion,  apply hair products, and then wait for hours for my hair to dry. Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this?!
  • Leaving the Cash quickly: We all know the feeling. The cashier hands you the receipt, your change, and bags and you know if you don’t leave fast enough, the cashier and next shopper will give you rude looks. It’s basically the reason why when electronic cashiers are invented, I’m gonna be happy!
  • Sunday Nights: Does anyone know where I can sign a petition to put another day between Sunday and Monday?! I just hate that feeling that Monday is right around the corner, and the weekend is ending.
  • Sudden browser/apps quitting: Urgh!!! This frustrates me so much, right in the middle of checking your social media and the browser quits, or you’re about to reach your high score on a game and the app quits. It’s just such a maddening feeling.
  • #sfs, #like4like: It looks so desperate to me when people use these kind of hashtags on Instagram, it just shows that you really want likes.
  • Wearing only sporty wear: I totally understand those lazy sweatpants days, but it annoys the heck out of me when people have no style at all. It must be the fashion blogger in me but everyone has a style!

Did you relate to any of these pet peeves? Have any to add? Comment below!


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