Essence Gel Liner Review ~Midnight in Paris~

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

This is an amazing gel liner. If I told you it was 3$ you’d like at me like I’d suddenly grown three extra heads. But, it’s true! It’s from the brand Essence, which is European based. You can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart (where I found mine) & Ulta. I’ve known about this brand for a while but suddenly I’m noticing countless people in the online beauty community talking about Essence. Without farther a due, the review!

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Super Affordable- This gel liner is a whopping 3$. You can’t go wrong. Spending that little money on such a good product is such an amazing deal!

Nice Consistency- The consistency is gel. Not, goopy or thick or really liquidy or runny.

Cute Name- This liner has the cutest name! “Midnight in Paris”

Colour Payoff- this line dis black and comes out like that on the eye! It is a rich black and very intense.


Bulky- The only real ‘flaw’ in this product is the slightly bulky packaging. Much like Maybelline colour tattoo’s it could shave off a few pounds.

Overall: A+




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Disclaimer: Not sponsored. xox


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