Guest Post by Coconut Jelly | Ombre Nail Tutorial

First off, I want to thank Ali for giving me the chance to write a guest post for this blog, I’m very grateful :)So I was lucky enough to be gifted a couple of gorgeous Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Laquers this Christmas so I figured I’d put together a really simple tutorial for an ombre look using cold colours to mirror the cold weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment so you guys can try out the look too!


The nail lacquers I got and which I have used in this tutorial are:



I’ve obviously used the brands and colours seen in the photos above but you can use whatever colours / shades / brands you have, the last thing I want is for you to rush out and buy £14 a piece nail polishes just to achieve this look!!

  1. Apply a clear Basecoat to your nails and allow to dry fully (I obviously used the BarryM No.54 but use whatever you normally use) (Panel B)
  2. Apply a coat of the darkest colour / shade you have, in my case this was the shade Midnight Metal, and again, allow to fully dry. I only needed one coat as the lacquers I used were quite thick and coat well but obviously you use as many coats of whatever you’re using as necessary to achieve an opaque finish. (Panel C) 
  3. Take a clean make-up sponge and dampen it with cold water. These sponges don’t need to be fancy at all, mine are from Poundland…! lol (Panel D)
  4. Apply stripes of both colours to your damp sponge and make sure the colours overlap. Be sure to get a good amount of polish on the sponge. (Panel E)
  5. Dab the sponge onto your nail. To get this look, the lighter shade you use should be at the tip of your nail but obviously if you prefer a reversed ombre, do it the other way up, it’s up to you! Dab the sponge a few times so the colours blend a bit better and the line between the two is not so solid and harsh. (Panel F)
  6. Clean up the excess polish around your fingers using a cotton bud / Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, or a nail corrector pen if you have one (I didn’t which is why they look messy!) (Panel G)
  7. Finish with a clear Topcoat of your choice (again, I obviously used the BarryM No.54 but you use whatever you have) (Panel H)

And voila! The finished result should be a really cute, subtle, ombre look which is a perfect reflection of this cold January weather we’re having!

This look could also be jazzed up super easily simply by adding a glitter coat before step 7 if you wanted something a little bolder. I just preferred mine plain and muted this time round which I think works just as well 🙂

Really hope this tutorial has been useful and I would love to see the results if any of you do attempt this look so be sure to follow me on Instagram / Twitter and tag me in your photos! My username for both is: coconutjelley

And finally, thank you again to Ali for this opportunity, this is my first ever nail tutorial and I’ve really enjoyed doing it! Comment down below and let me know if you’d like to see more like this!

Thank youuuu xx



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