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Hello, lovelies, I am Andreea from and I am really glad I can guest post for you today! Thanks, Ali, for the opportunity! This year I decided to make my Christmas cards instead of buying them and why not share them with you? Plus, I came up with a really easy design and it’s also pretty cheap since I am a student on a budget.
Here’s what you need:
  • A4 paper in the color of your choice – I used a thick one, but any is good red felt
  • cotton pads or cotton balls
  • glittery gel pen or any other pen of your choice
  • a pencil
  • a pair of scissors or a cutter
  • glue
Start by cutting your paper in half so you get two A5, then fold it in half again. Now you have your card.
Use a coin or a compass to create a circle – I used lip balms so anything works. Make a circle with your pen and then cut it out using your scissors or the cutter.
Now cut the felt into small triangles that we are going to use as a Santa hat. Stick it to the card however you want it.
Then cut out Santa’s beard and hat’s details from a cotton pad – I separated a cotton pad so I had the fluffy texture from the inside. You can also use cotton balls but I didn’t have any.
Come back tomorrow for more blogmas fun!

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