10 Things Only Beauty & Fashion Bloggers Understand | Blogmas Day 14

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Today I’m doing a funny post I thought of and thought many of my readers could relate. Basically, I’ve compiled a list of everything of I and fellow beauty and fashion bloggers, and even just other makeup and fashion enthusiasts can understand/relate to! So after reading, comment below how many of them are true for you, and I’d love to hear some other things you think only beauty and fashion bloggers understand! Hope you enjoy!


1. When the weather is lovely, everyone thinks “Let’s do something involving nature” you think, “Perfect picture taking weather for the blog!”

2. When you leave a store, your hand is covered in swatches

3. No matter what store you’re in, a trip to the beauty/fashion department is always necessary.

4. The starting of a new season only means one thing, new trends!

5. The words “Limited Edition” sparks your interest.

6. You simply MUST look for reviews on a product before buying it.

7. Your favourite beauty and fashion websites are bookmarked on your web browser.

8. Your wishlist is never-ending

9. Traveling abroad is just an opportunity to get makeup you can’t get where you live!

10. Regular people call empty containers and bottles garbage, you call them empties.

I hope you enjoyed and shared a giggle!

Xo, Ali


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Disclaimer: Not sponsored! All opinions are my own. xx


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