Guest Post by : Christmas Baked Goodies | Blogmas Day 11

Christmas Baked Goodies

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Christmas isn’t Christmas without having some delightful home baked treats. The smell of fresh cookies and cupcakes wafting through the house makes the house feel warm and inviting, whilst hinting that Christmas food preparation is well under way. Christmas is a wonderful time where we can all indulge in plentiful sumptuous sweet treats so here are a few of my favourites.

These gingerbread houses on the side of a hot mug of chocolate make for the perfect sweet accompaniment. They will be loved by relatives of all ages and are a great idea for Christmas Eve sitting around a fire with chocolate and gingerbread. The procedure to make them is really simple you just need some small square cutters to cut out the house and then stick it together with some icing. They can be quite fiddly but are worth the effort in the end and relatives will be impressed with the efforts you’ve gone to. Click here for a gingerbread recipe.

Marshmallow candy canes are perfect snack for children and adults alike. You can have them as a snack on their own or you can swirl them in a hot drink for a melt in your mouth marshmallow. They are so simple to make as you just pierce the candy cane into the marshmallow and can then decorate as you wish or if you’d rather leave them as they are they are ready to go.

Spray cream strawberries are such an easy dessert choice, they are super quick and take little preparation but look fab on the Christmas table. It’s also a slightly healthier treat for those of us that want a treat without the calorie guilt. Cut the stems off the strawberries and then create a circle of spray cream the size of a strawberry onto the plate. Place the strawberry on top without pressing down too much and then spray a little bobble on the top. Alternatively you could dip them into white chocolate at the bottom and top of the strawberry and then cover in white sprinkles, great for chocolate lovers.

Reindeer cake pops are a fun treat to give to children to munch away on or to take in as a pre-Christmas treat for work colleagues. Create an oblong shaped cake pop dip in melted chocolate and allow to dry. You can make the eyes and nose out of icing (make sure its red on the nose for Rudolph) and stick on using melted chocolate. Snap a pretzel in half and place on the top as the horns for the reindeer.  Add a bow to finish off and you have a tasty chocolatey reindeer. Find the recipe for cake pop mixture here.

For a spin on the classic Christmas pud why not try making smaller bite size versions with icing on the top. You can make lots of them so that everyone gets a taste and can snack into them later as well. For the perfect Christmas Pudding recipe take a look here.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without having a Christmas themed cupcake. These cupcakes are a delicious mouth-watering desert and make any Christmas desert table complete. Everybody loves a cupcake so they’re sure to be a hit with the whole family. Try chocolate cupcakes (recipe here) topped with vanilla buttercream icing with a blue tint and white sugar paste snowflakes for a delightful little cupcake.

There you have my pick of delicious homebaked Christmas treats that are sure to be a hit for any party or dinner that you may host. If you liked my post on The Cute Little Beauty Blog why not try checking out my blog at Have a Merry Christmas!


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