Guest Post by Alexandra Louise: Her fav face, eye, lip, & brow products! |Blogmas Day 6

When deciding on what to do for my most recent guest blog… I chose to pick my favourite makeup product for each facial aspect!The amount of products available now is unbelievable! Company after company are releasing products, all claiming to be better than there competition, I’ve had sooo many different products, that I’ve buyed and tried! Some I’ve fallen in love with some I’ve really not… I always ask my clients aswell when I’m doing their makeup, how the products feel/smell etc to ensure that they are involved through every stage!This also enables me to decipher which are the best products and which I should avoid in the future!

After doing makeup for a good while now, I’ve come to love certain products! I’m alwaysssss open to trying new ones, so if I read about or see something new being used I will often purchase it and make the decision for myself to see if it’s worth re-buying or not, and if it is, I will blog about it and be sure you inform all my followers 🙂

So I’ve split the face up into different aspects, I will focus on my favourite and most recommended products for the:





And my favourite Brush!!

So let’s begin with the Face! I could sit and recommend products all day but for the face my favourite item has to be MAC’s mineralize Face Powder, I have the matte one (light) and the shimmery one (soft and gentle)!

This product is so lovely, it really sits on the skin nicely, it is suitable for all ages and skin types as it isn’t heavy! It doesn’t look cakey and it doesn’t clog pores, or sit in fine lines! When applied over your foundation it just gives that flawless look, that we are all dreaming about!! The Matte one is a great finishing powder, whereas the shimmery one is a great highlighter! This soft and gentle (shimmer) one also looks great when applied to the entire face, if working on shoots/within the fashion industry! It gives the skin a beautiful, youthful, radiant glow!

For the eyes… I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the white (milk) NYX stick! For me a versatile item of MakeUp is one that will be replaced in an artist’s kit over and over!

The NYX Stick comes in a variety of colours, being used by the leading professionals worldwide! I personally use this product prior to application of shadow, creating a white base on the lid, or the area in which you are working, really makes the applied shadows stand out! The contrast between your chosen colours for your look and the NYX stick will really make your eyes pop!

The white base can also be used to create yourself a guide to follow when creating interest outside the boundaries of the lid, for example a dramatic flick. White can easily be erased, whereas black eyeliner applied with no guide, especially for those of you just starting out can be tricky!! This will also help with your symmetry, as you can make sure it’s evenbefore applying the eyeliner.

This NYX stick can also be used on the lip line, eradicating the existing, enabling the artist to enhance the natural lip line creating whatever look they are aiming to achieve!

There are so many products I could of mentioned for my favourite eye product, but a good base is essential for any eye makeup, and for £5 this is a steal!!!!

For the lips I’d recommend a lip balm you just can’t live without, and that for me is the tinted lib balm from Blistex!! It’s called ‘Blushing’ and it truly is stunning!

This is a product that you need more than one of, I have one in my handbag, my going out bag and my car… Just in case 🙂

It’s creamy texture leaves your lips hydrated, and the colour is lovely it gives your lips a flush of colour that is so natural, it’s just effortless! And for £2.50 you can’t really complain!! Especially with the cold winter months approaching this is a must have on your Christmas/shopping list!

Brows are something that I love, they frame the face and are so easy to maintain, so when I see people with un-groomed brows it offends me!!! I will be posting a blog shortly on how to achieve the desired brow… Keep checking my website/Facebook page for continual updates on blogs etc!

So all you need for excellent, perfect brows is the Pro Brow Kit from MUA, this brow kit is a must have for anyone! It’s used by leading proffesionals, and I have recently found it to be something I can’t live without! It contains a light/dark/darker powder a setting wax/brow gel, a small cute pair of tweezers, and a teeny brow brush! It’s so compact and adorable that for £3.50 why would you not buy this product, that promises to assist you in shaping, shading and highlighting one of the main features on your face!!!

And finally for my favourite brush!!! Now this brush is one of the main reasons I love Makeup! This brush makes the application of everything so much easier, neater, quicker and it is the ultimate tool to have if your trying to achieve that flawless, seamless application!

The brush is one from ELF’s studio range, it’s their flawless concealer brush! Now do not be put off when brushes are given a name or a specific function, like concealer brush, eyeliner brush etc! A brush if it gives you the right finish can be used for ANYTHING! Remember no boundaries!

This brush is quite firm but also fluffy! I use it for buffing foundation, applying concealer, finishing powder, and for the blending of shadows! It really is a must have, and I can guarantee you will buy more than one, the best thing about it is it’s only £3.75! What are you waiting for….

I hope these five items make there way into your makeup kits at some point! They really are true gems in the makeup product world, ones that I keep replacing over and over!!!
Thanks for reading! Check out my website/Facebook page for more blogs and information!
Lots of Love
Alexandra Louise

I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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