Stocking Stuffer Ideas | Blogmas Day 5

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Gearing up for the Holiday Season, I thought I’d share some stocking stuffer ideas for you all. Of course, these could be given as just small gifts but it honestly doesn’t matter. I’m going to show you three sets of stocking stuffer gifts. Hope you enjoy and comment below which set is your fav! And also, today is day 5 of Blogmas! I’ve included links to EVERYTHING in the photos so if you fancy purchasing one all of the links are at the very bottom of this post, below the links. xx

Stocking Stuffer Set #1: The Girly/Woman Stocking


This first stocking set is the more feminine girly set of the bunch. I thing it would be adorable to get a makeup bag, like the cream one with a bow above and put little essentials like the Maybelline Color Elixir (If you’re stuck on what shade to get, “Caramel Infused” is a great natural pink, it’s probably a safe bet), a small perfume like Forever Midnight from Bath & Body Works, a nail polish (If she doesn’t already have a mint, get a mint color.) a compact mirror, and tweezers. Additionally,  if the lady in your life has an Iphone this floral Wildflower case is bound to steal her heart. And finally, if she loves jewelry, these two pieces from Baublebar (an online jewelry website) will be perfect for her, rose gold and statements necklaces are all the rage! Also, to store all her rings I’ve added this cute little kitty ring holder, just be careful to strategically place it in the stocking so it doesn’t break!

Stocking Stuffer Set #2: The Manly Stocking


This stocking set is for the man in your life whether it be your brother, husband, or father these little gifts will be perfect for their stocking. First up is the little accessories like a tie, perhaps one in a fun print so you know they don’t already have it, some fun or colourful patterned socks, and a slim wallet. If they’re into camping and the outdoors, some BBQ Tools would be great as well as some OFF! Bug Spray if they go into the woods. Try to find a mini/travel one so it doesn’t take up too much room. And then some grooming items would be some hair gel (Many men I know love the Axe hair gel) and the Bath & Body Works PocketBacs for Men. I believe the B&BW man scents are Ocean, Twilight Woods, & White Citrus. And finally, as a decoration for his man cave are these adorable and slightly corny Coca Cola String Lights.

Stocking Stuffer Set #3: The Kid/Tween Stocking


I just noticed now that I have put two socks in this, but no kid can ever have too many socks! I have a pair of snuggly socks (Infused with lotion) and some cute patterned ones included in the set. Next, a few body stocking stuffers is a good smelling body wash (every kid loves foam, so get a body wash with foam, or one with a lovely scent like this vanilla one) and this “whipped” body shimmer cream from Bath and Body Works, it’s basically like shimmery whip cream for your body.  Just make sure they know it’s for their body! Another fun little thing, this one for hair is a temporary hair chalk so if you’re kids feeling like dyeing their hair, they swipe this chalk on and it gives them a touch of colour, and simply washes off! Now for some craft goodies. I think crayons are always fun, and a Target there’s a whole bunch of different packs that are only 99 cents and have fun names like Bejeweled and Fashionista. Glitter is also a fun craft item, I included these small vials of glitter, these would be great on a rainy day to make some glitter pictures. Lastly for craft supplies are stickers, they are basically full proof for kids and I happen to still adore them. And finally, every kid needs a notebook whether it’s used as a drawing/doodle book, diary, list book, whatever I think it’s great to have one!

Thanks for reading and I hope I gave you some inspiration for some stocking stuffers! Come back tomorrow for another Blogmas post! Also, if you want any products I mentioned above, ALL the links for EVERY product will be linked down below 🙂

Xo, Ali




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Items from:

Stocking Stuffer Set #1 : The Girly Stocking

Forever Midnight Perfume- 

Rimmel Nail Polish(Mint)-

Maybelline Color Elixir-

Necklace & Bracelet-

Tweezers, Makeup Bag, Mirror-

Kitty Ring/Jewelry Holder-

Iphone Case-

Stocking Stuffer Set #2: The Manly Stocking

Items From:

Hand Sanitizer-

Coca Cola String Lights & Wallet-


BBQ Tools-

Axe Hair Gel, Tie, OFF! Bug Spray–

Stocking Stuffer Set #3: The Kid/Young Adult 

Items From:

-Temporary Hair Colour & Patterned Socks-


– Crayons & Glitter

Body Wash -

Whipped Body Cream & Snuggly Socks:


Lip Balm:

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