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Hey there beauty cuties!

Today I’m doing yet another autumn tag, but so many cool ones roll around this season so how could I deny this?? And this is a shorter tag so I hope you enjoy! And I’ll be tagging some people below so if you want to see it, scroll below!

1. favourite/least favourite thing about fall?

My favourite thing about fall is the Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha (it’s soooooooo good!), wearing comfy sweaters, and dark lips and nails. My least favourite thing about fall is the weather. I live in an area that gets cold really early and that always irks me about Autumn, everyone always talks about the slightly cold crisp weather but where I am it goes from summer warmth straight on over to chill village.

2. favourite clothing item for fall?

My favourite clothing item for fall has to be sweaters and anything burgundy/maroon/oxblood. Below I’m showing my lovely burgundy cardigan from H&M and my sweater from F21.

3. favourite makeup trend for fall?

My favourite makeup trend for fall is dark lips, I love deeper shades, darker nails, and neat and groomed brows. Currently I love YSL’s “Mouthwatering Berry” balm and Essie’s Twin Sweater Set nail polish.

4. favourite fall food/drink?

My favourite fall drink is Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha. It’s just perfection, I love it.

5. fall tv show premiere you’re looking forward to most?

Honestly I don’t watch television other than Netflix, so I’m not looking forward to any premiers but I am watching Vampire Diaries on netflix 🙂

6. favourite fall tradition?

My favourite fall tradition is Thanksgiving. I love getting together for that occasion.

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Miss Glambition:

I hope these lovely girlies do this tag and you as well! Xx

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