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Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Hope your October has gone well 🙂 I cannot believe it’s November! I feel like I was just transitioning my nail colours into fall but now it’s nearly gone. But nonetheless I’ll be sharing with you my October favourites. I haven’t done a favourites post in the forever. In fact, I’ve only ever done 1 before this. And that was way back in May. May! So I convinced myself into doing a favourites post for October and I’m *determined* to get a favourites post out every month from now on so stay tuned! Any who, let us go into my favourites featuring makeup, skincare, clothing, music, tv shows, & more!

Beauty Favourites:

photo 1-52

-Marcelle BB Skin Enhancing Cleanser: This stuff is life changing. At first I was confused, is it a bb cream? No, it’s a cleanser! You rub it onto your face like lotion, then wipe away with a cotton round. Then voila, you’ve just cleansed your face. It’s that simple and easy. I’ve always been a little slack with my skincare routine and this makes it the little lazy person inside of me shriek with joy in the ease of using this, no water, no washcloth, yahoo!

-Olay Fresh Effects Satin Finish Lotion: I’m nearly out of this stuff! It’s a lightweight almost gel-like lotion and it has been great this Autumn. I find my skin literally drinks this up. My skin is so supple and is never dry or flaky which it usually gets this time a year.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub: This bad boy has been my saviour for the cold months. I seem to continuously have flaky lips and need to use this daily. I love the smell (carmel corn) and it’s really great at buffing off my flakes. Yahoo!

-Benefit Gimme Brow Light/ Medium: I must say, I’m usually not fond of bushy and/ or full brows but this stuff it so natural. It’s one of Benefit’s new products and is a volumizing coloured brow gel. Brushing this through my small brows makes them fuller, and does a great job at giving them the perfect volume. It also has a faint smell of…beeswax? But it doesn’t linger. This stuff just rocks and I’m loving it!

-YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Mouthwatering Berry: This stuff is a tinted lip balm and is divine. It has a light berry tint that can be lightly applied for subtle colour or layered for a higher intensity. It’s glossy and moisturizing and just great. Yes, it is quite expensive but it rocks! If you’re looking for an alternative from the drugstore the Covergirl Smoochies are great. Also, this packaging is so pretty!

-Mac Lipstick in Lovelorn: This has been my most used colour this month. It’s actually my 1 year anniversary with this bad boy, this month last October I bought this in New York! This lipstick is a “my lips but pinker” shade in my opinion and is beautiful, I just swipe and go.

Music Favorites: 

-Tennis Court by Lorde:  Lorde has been rocking this music world and I absolutely been loving her music. This song is my favourite off of her new album. She has such great lyrics. This one has fun variations of speed and is easy to sing along in your head with.

-Glory & Gore by Lorde: This one is another favorite and is quite catchy. I love her alternative pop voice.

-Buzzcut Season by Lorde: This one is a little more on the slow side but still enjoyable. If you’re more of a slow song lover I’d recommend this one

-White Teeth Teens by Lorde: Another favourite from her album is White Teeth Teens is has fun instrumentals in the back and makes me want to sway if that makes sense 🙂

-Let Her Go by Passenger: This one is a recent fav and is a really beautiful song. It’s a slow song with great instrumentals and is full of sweet metaphors. Its like a poem. I love it 🙂

-Dark Horse by Katy Perry: This song really shows Katy’s more alternative side and is enjoyable. It has a fun tempo and is a quite edgy song, quite enjoyable!

-Demons by Imagine Dragons: This is yet another slower more alternative song. It’s a little melancholy but I really like it. It’s not quite sad but definitely slower. It’s just a good, almost relatable song and is has great poetic lyrics and a catchy tune.

Book Favorite:

photo 2-52

-Iron Daughter by Julia Kagawa: I’ve finished the first book from this series “Iron King” and was hooked. It’s plot (don’t worry no spoilers) is a regular girl Meghan who is taken into the world of fey in search of her missing brother with her best friend Robbie and along the way falls in love, and finds out her father is the King of the Seelie Court in the world of the fey. A good, quick read!

Food Favorites:

photo 3-45

-Udi’s Bread: I am (sadly) allergic to gluten & wheat so this Udi’s Gluten Free bread is great, it tastes like real bread. No cardboard food here. I’ve been making french toast and sandwiches with it and recommend it to all allergic or on a gluten-free diet.

Random Favorites: 

Vampire Diaries: After I finished all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix I started watching this show which I am just as much as hooked on. Alreay on episode 12!

meghanrosette: I recently discovered this girls awesome beauty channel on youtube and am obsessed. She’s so funny and produces amazing content. Watch her here: http://www.youtube.com/user/meghanrosette

ilikeweylie: Another recent discover on youtube is this girl, yet another beauty youtuber and is so real and funny. She’s so fun to watch and listen to. Watch her here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ilikeweylie

Tyler Oakley: Love this guy. He’s super hilarious to watch and is like your best friend. Watch him here: http://www.youtube.com/user/tyleroakley

Buzzfeed: This has to be the BEST website, if you haven’t looked at it do it now, here’s the link:

– Fruit Nuggets: I tried this and was in love. They are little “nuggets” made with real fruit. They taste really good, like re-vamped gummy bears!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites and I would love to hear yours in the comments below!


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Disclaimer: I was sent the Marcelle BB Skin Enhancing Cleanser for PR purposes but nonetheless my review of this was 100% honest and my opinion. Everything else was purchased by me except for the YSL Balm and Benefit Gimme Brow which were given to me as gifts from a friend :). All photos were taken by me. Xo


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