#FollowFriday Hashtag Week Day 5: My favourite blogs & Youtubers !!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Today’s Hashtag Week theme is “#FollowFriday” or “#FF”. If you don’t have Twitter or are unfamiliar with this particular hashtag, “FollowFriday” is where you just mention Twitter accounts you think your followers should follow also. So today instead of Twitter accounts you should follow I’m going to be sharing with you both the Blogs & Youtubers that I believe you should follow and/or subsribe!

Blogs/ Bloggers

  • http://shonaelizabeth.blogspot.ca/– I love reading the lovely Shona’s blog because it’s just fun! I think she has a great personality and her posts truly reflect that while still having some great content.
  • http://www.dreaminginblush.com/– Yes, I know you’ve probably already seen Elle Fowler’s (or Youtube star AllThatGlitters21) blog but I still do love to read it! Like her, it gushes girliness but unlike some Youtube stars gone bloggers it has different content than just the same thing in written form. Her quirkiness also shows a little more through her writing than her videos which I enjoy!
  • http://nailshairface.wordpress.com/– This blog is up and coming but is all targeted toward mostly drugstore products. She doesn’t have a huge following yet but I know she will! This blog is great and really shows her personality!
  • http://www.lovelyjubblyblog.com/– This blog is a great blog because not only does it have great posts, but all across the beauty spectrum!
  • http://www.sophierosee.com/– Yet another great blog, I love her content and her blog is so adorable and delicate! Her personality is truly shown.
  • http://bethanyworrall.com/– Bethany’s blog is yet another favourite blog of mine. She always seems to have posts I’m interested in like What’s in my bags, how to pull off the latest trends and more!
  • http://www.missmakeupmagpie.com/– I love this girls header. I practically just go on her blog for that. Her content is good and her voice shows through her writing. Her opinions could be called ‘controversial’ in the beauty community (more so she doesn’t like some products most enjoy).
  • http://howdoyouwearthatx.blogspot.co.uk– More so in the Fashion blog spectrum Chloe (the blogs author) is great with her fashion posts and I really enjoy her writing.
  • http://misssunshinesparkle.blogspot.ca/– I love this blog as well! She’s a lovely person with great opinions on great products! Her blog is one of my current favourites!
  • -http://coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk/-Great blog! Has some great content and she’s a lovely person.

The blog list could go on but I just wanted to share with you a few I really enjoy. Not to say I don’t enjoy others but these people are just people that have some great blogs. If you want to see everyone’s blogs I read go to my Bloglovin’ page here: http://www.bloglovin.com/thecutelittlebeautyblog. Bloglovin’ is a great way to have all your favourite blogs all in one feed.

Youtube Channels/ Youtubers

  • AllThatGlitters21/Elle Fowler– Elle (writer of the blog I mentioned earlier) has a great youtube channel. I love her personality and has great opinions on products. This fall she’s actually posting a new video every Monday and Friday so go check her out!
  • Zoella– Zoella is british and so fun to listen too! Her videos goes all over the board from TAG videos to hauls and she has such a lovely and quirky being about her!
  • MissGlamorazzi/ Ingrid Nilsen– Ingrid (funnily enough friends with Elle) is another one of my favourite Youtubers. She is very professional but her personality shines through. She is very good all across the boards with beauty, fashion, & wellness videos.
  • Stilababe09– Meredith Foster is great and just seems like your friend. She’s fun & quirky and just fun to watch!
  • Macbarbie07– We probably already are subscribed but nonetheless Beth is a fun person to watch and always has great videos
  • MissMeghanMakeup– Meghan is probably less well known than the rest of the Youtuber’s I’m mentioning but she might be my favourite. She’s quite funny and doesn’t have like two dressers of makeup and is very down to earth. Her style is also unique- it pulls that hippie-vintage-leather feel. And she’s quite the Thrift Shop lover!
  • BeautyBaby44– Lindsey (Meaghan’s sister) is yet another great Beauty guru. She is currently in university so she doesn’t upload as often but still quite a bit. Her personality is fun and always uses great makeup!

Hope you enjoyed day 5 of hashtag week! Come on over tomorrow and read my #SaturdayRamblings post!

Who are your fav bloggers & youtubers?


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