#WellnessWednesday Hashtag Week Day 3!!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Today is the third day in my #HashtagWeek series and today’s post theme is #WellnessWednesday. Therefore I’ll be showing you some workouts I enjoy and some of my healthy eating habits. Hope you enjoy!

Exercise & Workouts:

  • Looking at working out as a chore isn’t the right way to look at it, look at it like it’s a fun activity! Not all forms of exercise has to be boring!
  • I love the workouts from magazines, like this one from Seventeen Mag! It’s a really great leg workout. It’s fun quick and easy. Seventeen has some great workouts on their website and their mags! Click to enlarge image!


  • A treadmill is a great workout, you can walk a mile in the comfort of your own home! It’s and easy way to get some walking in in the Winter when it’s freezing outside!
  • Sometimes switching up simple everyday things help with exercise like taking the stairs, and lifting your knees up a little higher than walking.
  • I also loving exercising with the “Step Up” basically a stool you can step up and off of, surprisingly it’s a really great workout! You can use so many things to do this from a regular stool to a box!
  • And just simply walking your dog and sports are also great forms of physical activity.
  • Pick a workout, do it everyday until you’re not sore afterwards, it means you’re body is ready for a little more physical activity!

Eating & Healthy Foods:

  • Not trying to promote Seventeen, but here’s a pic of some fun (and healthy) lunch ideas!
  • instalunch1
  • It may seem a little obvious but just try not to buy junk food! If you’re just about to plop those chips into your cart, think twice. Simply not actually buying junk food will make you not eat it
  • Avoid processed foods as much as possible, this includes fast food restaurants. Try to only eat at fast food restaurants once a week, as a treat. Here’s a photo I found on Buzzfeed that shows you the top 10 processed foods, which you should avoid
  • Stop drinking soda, and soft drinks. These are just plain bad. Water is really great for your body and doesn’t even have a taste, to slowly get used to only or mostly drinking water, fill up soda cans will water, maybe if it’s in the same container it’ll “ease the pain” of cutting out soft drinks
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it’s very important for your health
  • Try sneakily adding more amounts of veggies and fruit into your food. Try by adding some peppers to your chicken or veggies in your omlette or avocado in your sandwich!
  • If you do want something unhealthy, have a small amount of it. If you are craving chocolate, keep individually wrapped chocolates handy and only have one.
  • Think as eating healthy as a lifestyle, not a diet. That’ll just put you into a bad mind set.

Thanks for reading my healthy eating and workout tips! And don’t forget to come back for the rest of Hashtag week!

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