Colours of the Rainbow TAG!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

This tag floated around not to long ago and I thought it would be A fun post! So basically you show your favourite beauty products corresponding to that colour. (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, pink, & multicoloured). And yes, I am adding maroon because I felt the need to add it to the rainbow, haha! 🙂


For maroon, I chose this beautiful maroon top from Garage. This is so pretty. It has a tie front, lace back and was on sale! And this colour is bang on with the fall season.



Last year I bought myself this red corded bracelet from Ardene. It’s great because you can pull the ends to make it nice and tight around your wrist. I always hate those bracelets that are really loose! I’m curious, does anyone else? Anyways, I like it because it is red I can still wear it in the fall, perhaps with an oversized sweater or chiffon shirt.



I am actually surprised about the lack of orange products I have. Thankfully, I saw this little guy and was like, “You’re going in my tag post!”. This is from Formula 10.0.6 a brand available at Ulta. This is a toner meant to diminish acne, whiteheads, & blackheads. I do have semi-sensitive skin so I concentrate the product solely to my nose. And after just about 2-3 uses, I really have noticed a difference! Maybe it’s just me but I do think the pores on my nose are smaller…



I immediately thought of this little lippie when I thought of yellow. This little guy has been by my side since June and I haven’t looked back since. This is #SweetTweet from Covergirl’s Lipslicks Smoochies line. The balm itself is clear, but makes the perfect lip colour base! Everyday before applying my lip colour, I slather this bad boy up and it makes my lips not look all flaky and makes the lipstick not settle into lines. I also have this super cute necklace from Forever 21. What’s cuter than yellow heart shaped sunglasses?!



I actually lack in the green department beauty & fashion wise. Thankfully, my Yves Rocher Hydra Boost Moisture Lotion came to the rescue! This stuff seems runny to the touch put really moisturizes. I use this in Autumn & Winter. It also contains aloe and cucumber so it’s very cooling when applied.



For blue, I have my beloved Q-Tip travel container. This thing rocks! I refill it and keep it on my vanity, at arms reach for easy mascara de-smudgeing and eyeliner mishaps! Great for when you mess up 🙂


Violet, Indigo, & Purple:

I have three products because they are all very great purple-packaged products (say that three times fast!). My first, is a rollerball perfume. This perfume, Taylor Swift’s “Wonderstruck” is my signature scent. It’ s just that perfect blend of vanilla, floral, & musk. My second product, or more tool is my beloved Sephora brand eyelash curler in Amethyst. This little guy has made my lashes so much longer, it’s like pre-treating my lashes before mascara. And lastly, I have my favourite eyeliner from a Canadian brand “Marcelle”, it’s a hypo-allergenic waterproof eye pencil in ‘Mulberry’. Mulberry is a deep eggplant purple, so deep it looks like a soft black, which is why I love it. And after trying the highly coveted Covergirl Liquiline Blast Liner (which didn’t last 2 hours on my eyes) I really love this because it ACTUALLY lasts on my eyes unlike the Covergirl one. And it’s pigmented and doesn’t smudge again, unlike another eyeliner I know *cough* *covergirl* *cough*.



For pink, I automatically new my Bioderma would fit the bill! This stuff is stellar at removing any makeup. I cannot stop using it now. After washing my face, and putting this on a cotton round onto my face I’m always shocked at what’s was still left on my face. Now, I cannot sleep without knowing my Bioderma took of my makeup!



For multicoloured I chose two items. My first item are these lovely nail-polish remover pads. You can find them at Claire’s, Wal-mart, etc but I found mine at Aeropostale. Two of the packages (30 wipes each) is 2$ in total! And it removes every trace of my nail polish. I used to dread taking of my nail polish but after this stuff, I’m converted. And did I mention it smells like vanilla? Also for multicoloured, I chose my beautiful necklace I found thrifting in Florida. It caught my eye and I practically leaped and snatched it. And to my surprise, it was only 4$!


Hope you enjoyed this tag, if you did this tag please link your response below or just write yours below!

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