Clothing Wishlist: Etsy & Brandy Melville!!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I’ve been craving a few items from Etsy & Brandy Melville 🙂


ZIB textile black leggings with white lace & animal detail 

I love these! I love leggings and wear them almost everyday. These ones are black with white detailing of rabbits and various plant life. I think because of the black and white these are totally wearable and not leggings with outrageous patterns you could never pair with anything. I just think they are adorable. They also remind a bit of alice in wonderland 🙂

ZIB textile black leggings with orange reindeer 

These are adorable! It looks like someone sprinkled cinnamon on the leggings! And the reindeer is such a cute touch. This would pair perfectly with a plain top.

Black Pullover Hoodie 

I love Brandy Melville for their simplicity and this represents it impeccably. I think this’ll be great for those no fuss days when I put this un with a cami underneath and am out the door!

Daisies Top 

Daisies have recently taken a small place in my obsessions, this daisy top among them. I love the black & white graphics as well as the structure of the t-shirt. The black collar and end of sleeves are also nice final touches!

Long Sleeve Grey Top

This yet again, is another great simple top but also very versatile. The plain grey top would be great with any sort of statement necklace or scarf.


Leggings 2:




Thanks for reading my cuties!


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