Mac Lipstick in “Lovelorn” Review!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Hope your day is going well! Today I’m going to be reviewing a Mac Lipstick I bought in New York on a trip in October (Almost  a year ago, eek!). I love this lipstick and learn why below!


Pigmentation- The pigmentation is awesome, as you’d expect from Mac

Colour- I love this colour. It’s a nice everyday pink more neutral bought a tad of brightness hidden in there

Scent- the scent if vanilla. I love it! And it’s not too strong and won’t linger

Long Lasting- As far as most lipsticks go, this is pretty long lasting. Don’t expect all day colour (it’s not a lip stain). If you do eat or drink the wear it cut down immensely like most lipsticks

Packaging- I love the sleek black and silver packing of Mac products and there lipsticks are no exception!


Expensive: Mac, as you probably already know is a high end brand! Their lipsticks don’t come cheap from 14-18$ bucks a pop. Though if you’re not ready to splurge on a Mac lipstick their are plenty of drugstore dupes already here on the Internet.

Scent: I included this as a go & no solely for the reasons though I adore the scent some people don’t or are allergic

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Overall Rating: A


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Disclaimer: This item was purchased by myself with my own money. Not a sponsored post, I have no affiliation with any brands mentioned in this post. Xo

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