Fashion Style Steal: Lorde

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Am I the only one obsessed with Lorde right now? Obviously not, currently her hit “Royals” is number one on Itunes. I have downloaded her songs “Royals”  and “Million Dollar Bills” but I also really enjoy her other songs including “Buzzcut Season”, “Tennis Court” and “Team”. Maybe I’ll download them as a Christmas gift to myself! Any who, today I’ll be putting together a little post about getting Lorde’s look. Her look is very much so witch-goth as she stated in The “Young Hollywood” issue of Teen Vogue. She also loves a dark purple lip. Continue to read and get the look!

Lorde #1

Researching on the internet I found this picture of Lorde and thought it was adorable! I love this bright-orange look. To recreate it I found this lovely shirt from Forever 21 that looks very much so like the one Lorde is wearing. Buy it here:   Lorde Photo From:

Lorde #2

This second look is more of Lorde’s signature style. In her interview with Teen Vogue she described her style as witch-goth. These dresses from Urban Outfitter totally embody that with just a bid of girliness just like Lorde! She seems to be into black with sheer patterns or cutouts like above. Buy the dresses here: & Lorde photos from: &

Lorde #3

I found this and was like oooh, I know I saw a shirt from Forever 21 that looked similar. And sure enough, this beautiful baroque sweater looks identical to Lorde’s. Her girly side really shows with this tomboy-girly mix sweater. Buy it yourself here: Picture of Lorde from:

Lorde #4

And lastly, I have look #4 dubbed as the “Stained Glass” look. And no, her shirt isn’t in actuality stained glass patterned but it looks so similar to this cute shirt from Urban Outfitters It has such a cute pattern, and Lorde’s face in this picture is adorable! Buy the shirt here: Picture of Lorde from:

Hope you enjoyed this Lorde edition of Fashion Style Steal! Who do you want to see next? Comment below 🙂

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Disclaimer: Not sponsored! I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned. All opinions are my own. Any pictures used that I did not own I gave the links to where they were from.  Xx


5 thoughts on “Fashion Style Steal: Lorde

  1. Tamara says:

    I was hopeful about Lorde’s cute pictures. You know that she’s always give her ‘evil’ style. With no smile.

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