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Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I’m so excited for this post because it’s my 100th post on my blog! In honour of that, I’m going to share with you 100 blog, beauty,& me related facts!

Blog/ Social Media Facts

  1. I have 38 followers here on my blog πŸ™‚
  2. On bloglovin’ my blog has 42 followers
  3. On bloglovin’ my profile has 32 followers
  4. On Pinterest, I have 9 followers
  5. On Pinterest I’ve pinned 215 times
  6. On Twitter I have 329 followers
  7. On Twitter I follow 654 people
  8. I’ve tweeted 1095 times
  9. I love participating in #bbloggers (beauty bloggers), Β #tbloggers (teenage bloggers) , & #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) chats on Twitter
  10. I started this blog January 12th of 2013
  11. I have had this blog for 273 days or exactly 9 months
  12. My first post ever was a haul of my Betsey Johnson makeup bag
  13. My first review post was of Maybelline’s Bronze Haze Eye Trio
  14. My 50th post was a review of my Nivea Milk & Honey lip balm
  15. My 25th post was a shoe haul
  16. My first “tag” post was one I created myself called “4 hair tips you’ll love”. I was pretty proud of it, but I didn’t tag anyone else (giggles)
  17. I’m open to new social media platforms you recommend my blog should be a part of!
  18. I use wordpress not blogger
  19. I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award twice
  20. I am so passionate about blogging and sharing my passions with you guys it just so fun!

Beauty/ Makeup Facts

  1. My first Sephora purchases were when I was about 7 and I bought a purple Sephora brand nail polish and a Hello Kitty lip balm
  2. To this day I still have my Hello Kitty lip balm for sentimental purposes
  3. I remember when I was younger my favourite “makeup” products were a shimmery face lotion (that wasn’t super shimmery, so I could wear it to school) and my trusty tub of Hello Kitty Lip Balm
  4. My first ever Mac purchase was actually mid October of last year
  5. I bought a Mac Lipstick in Lovelorn for my first Mac Purchase
  6. My second Mac purchase ever was a Plushglass called “Posh it up”
  7. The only eye brushes I own are from Tokidoki
  8. I used to love the brand at Sephora Tokidoki but it was only a 2 year deal, 😦
  9. I’ve been to the biggest Sephora which is in Los Angeles and that’s where I bought my first 2 Sephora purchases
  10. I’ve only ever had 3 pedicures
  11. I’ve had 2 manicures
  12. I’ve never really ventured out of my pink & red lip colours, orange and purple tends to look odd on me
  13. Benefit Cosmetics, Mac, Β & Urban Decay are my current favorite highend makeup brands
  14. Maybelline, Marcelle & Rimmel are my favourite drugstore makeup brand
  15. I like long nails better than short nails but they look odd on me
  16. My current favourite lip balm is the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia
  17. I for some reason hate the “3 month” mascara rule, it’s made out as such a big deal yet no other makeup products’ expiry dates are made out to be a huge deal. Like honestly, do you ever here someone say “Remember, that lipstick is only good for 1 year” or ” That foundation will only be good for 6 months”
  18. I really want to try more from the makeup brands YSL, Nars, Sleek, MUA, Collection 2000, & more
  19. I don’t use foundation. I only own some concealers and a BB Cream for special occasions
  20. I always am up for going into the makeup department at a store πŸ™‚

Fashion/ Jewelry

  1. I am a leggings fan
  2. My favourite jeans are from H&M
  3. I love cardigans
  4. Fall is my favourite fashion season
  5. My favourite wardrobe colours are black, blue, burgundy, & khaki
  6. I prefer studs to dangly earrings
  7. I’m not a bracelet fan unless they’re very tight fitting ( I hate when they move up and down my arm)
  8. My favourite shoes are Converse, Vans, Keds, & Oxfords
  9. I like infinity scarves better than regular ones
  10. I’ve lost one of my Lululemon sweaters once like three weeks after buying it and never found it! But I have a new one πŸ™‚
  11. I love long sleeved crop tops
  12. I love statement necklaces but don’t own very many
  13. I love rosegold!! (Hint hint to anyone buying me Christmas gifts, hehe)
  14. Baublebar has this amazing bracelet (rosegold & tight fitting nonetheless) that I want to get:Β http://www.baublebar.com/disco-wrap.html
  15. My favourite clothing stores are Garage, H&M, Forever 21, & Urban Outfitters
  16. I like floral prints (most, not all)
  17. I prefer gold to silver jewelry
  18. I have size 7 /12 to 8 feet
  19. I have high top converse not low tops
  20. I enjoy oversized sweaters


  1. I just recently got my hair dyed
  2. My hair is naturally a very dark brown, now it has honey coloured highlights
  3. My hair gets tangled and knotted quite easily
  4. My hair is quite long
  5. My hair is very curly
  6. My hair doesn’t get very greasy
  7. I only just a few weeks ago tried my first dry shampoo
  8. I don’t like putting my hair in a ponytail
  9. I learned how to put my hair in a bun from the movie “Super 8” when the girl puts her hair up I thought it looked cool how she did it, I tried it and have been doing it ever since!
  10. I can do a regular braid, a fishtail, and a few others that are nameless πŸ™‚
  11. I still haven’t mastered the donut bun but will keep trying
  12. I prefer headwraps to headbands
  13. I lose my hair elastics constantly
  14. I thing fabric hair ties are so pretty but cannot find any!
  15. I have so many different brushes for different uses
  16. A wide tooth comb is a lifesaver for my hair
  17. If I’m in a pinch, lotion is a great de-frizzer and smoother
  18. Flipping my hair upside down and then back up is my midday trick to add volume
  19. I used to have a quite the obsession with Lululemon headbands but it died down when I found out they were too tight on my head and giving me chronic headaches (thanks, big head. Hah!)
  20. I part my hair a little bit to the same side every time. If I don’t, I can actually feel the weight difference!


  1. I have three chihuahua’s and they rock ❀
  2. I have no favourite colours, I like to keep my options open
  3. My favourite colours are Maroon, Mint, & Lavender
  4. I’m proud to say after a lot of practice I’m quite good at applying nail polish
  5. Showering is annoying to me but I hate getting out once I’m in!
  6. I have been loving the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks lately
  7. My favourite books are fantasy/ magical ones
  8. My favourite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars & Friends
  9. I basically only watch those two TV shows exclusively, I don’t watch a lot of TV
  10. I am allergic to wheat
  11. I love travelling
  12. I want to go to all the continents with the exception of Antarctica!
  13. I used to have a pet frog the size of a goldfish, it lived underwater. I had it for 2 years when I was younger. It’s name was “Ribbly” (pronounced Rib-lee)
  14. I have a chandelier in my room. It makes me feel all like, blingy. Haha πŸ˜‰
  15. I have not one but two middle names
  16. Limited edition stuff makes me all excited!
  17. I adore creme brulee
  18. Indian is my favourite kind of food
  19. I wish the nail polish on my hands lasted as long as it did on my toes
  20. I am so happy you took the time to read this!!

Thank you all so much for reading my 100th post. It’s because of you guys that I love blogging. Thank you so much for reading about my passions!

Until next time,

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If you read this, comment below with the word “chandelier”. It’ll be our little thing!

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