Bath & Body Works Haul!!

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I recently took a little stop by B&BW and decided to get myself a new wallflower plug & two bulbs. The wallflower plug I chose was this cute little one that’s a bouquet of pink little flowers tied by a green ribbon. For wallflower bulbs I chose two that are both completely on the other sides of the spectrum  cologne like and pumpkin. Pretty different right? I firstly chose out “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles” a divine scent of….amazing. It smells like a pumpkin and a bakery. And then, there’s “Flannel” that smells like cologne & musk. It smells amazing and does reminiscent of flannel. So overall a great trip at B&BW! And I might have to go back soon…


What have you got from B&BW lately?


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2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Haul!!

  1. kariannelamothe says:

    I looooove the japanese cherry blossom collection by B&BW. But I got to admit that the whole fall collection is driving me crazy ! So tempting!

    • thecutelittlebeautyblog says:

      I know! They go all out in the fall, my nose loves it but my wallet no so much! I love grabbing just a few products from their fall collection though.

      Thanks for stopping by, please coming again,
      The Cute Little Beauty Blogger Xx

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