September-October Wishlist 2013| The Cute Little Beauty Blog

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I love wishlists. Its basically a shopping list, like planning your next shopping spree! So, lets get planning! Hopefully I can inspire you to go and snatch up these products…hehe 🙂


Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Brightener & Neutralizer

In the blogger community I find these to be semi-popular. They look very promising and I do love my Maybelline Dream Lumi (Review here: The colours I am pondering getting are the “Brightening” & “Neutralizing” shades. The brightening shade looks like a light-pink. This looks great to counteract purple-blue dark circles. The Neutralizer, a yellowy-mustard shade looks great for also counteracting dark circles. I think it’ll be nice to either mix these togther and create a personalized shade. I might just get one, but it’ll be a spur of the moment choice which I get.

Rose Buddies Silver Studded Pyramid 4/4s Iphone Wildflower Case 

I am like totally obsessed with these cases. They are so adorable and trendy. I like them because they have girly patterns but a touch of edgy with the studs. I have my eye on this one and another which I will discuss below. This particular one has a beautiful background of pink little delicate roses. Check wildflower cases out here:

Sunflower Gold Studded Pyramid 4/4s Iphone Wildflower Case

Like I said, I have a slight obsession with Wildflower cases. This particular case is new, and comes in the studded pyramid and studded cross version. Even though sunflowers are girly the khaki background gives it that touch of edginess. I will be ordering 1-2 cases later this month and will do a haul. Even though these are my currents favs, I cannot be sure they will end up making the cut when I order them, though expect I haul when I receive them!

Clean & Clear Brightening Facial Scrub 

I was introduced to the “Brightening” line from Clean & Clear by youtube beauty guru, missmeghanmakeup. She used this in her morning routine, and I’ve wanted to get my hands on something from this line since. There are only two products in this line, a cleanser and scrub. Though Meghan used the cleanser, I am interested in the scrub because I am in the market for one. This one has lemon, papaya, & caffeine to energize and brighten the skin. Not to mention this smells fabulous! Check out Meghan’s video here:

Freeman Facial Clay Mask Mint & Lemon 

I have been trying to be very skincare conscious lately so I am not just in the market for a facial scrub but also for a mask. This mask smells great, is only 4$ and I have yet to hear a bad thing about it. I am sensitive to some red dyes and thankfully, this has none. Another plus, I love having pampering sessions with my mom and she is allergic to aloe, and this has none, yay!

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned. All opinions are my own. I sound so serious! Haha xx


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