The Autumn TAG 2013

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Today I’m doing the Autumn TAG which has floated around the blogosphere the past week or so. It is a little more lifestyle based but dos still have beauty question so I thought, why not! I also happen to love autumn…..


Favourite thing about Autumn? 

So many things! I love the crisp weather. It’s great a great season for layering and I find the fashion and beauty community is always full swing in cranberry & plum lips and beautiful sweaters when autumn rolls around. I love how it’s not as harsh as Winter but gives us that little chilly wakeup call in the mornings. And who can’t forgot the lovely fall scents that are in Bath & Body Works in the fall? I love me some Pumpkin Pecan Waffles & Farmstand Apple!

Favourite Drink? 

I am generally just a water person but I do enjoy a Starbucks Hot Chocolate with extra whip in the colder months!

Favourite scent/ candle? 

I’m not much of a candle person (though somehow I’ve accumulated many thanks to Bath & Body Works coupons! haha) I do love Bath & Body Works fall scents. Just the other day I got a “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles” wallflower bulb and am in love with the scent!

Best Lipstick? 

For berry lips I love my Rimmel lipstick in Vintage Pink. It’s great because it’s not too harsh against my fair skin a nice mix of berry and rose. I also have been loving a sheer red lip using my Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies in #tweetme.

Go-to moisturizer? 

I’m still using my summer moisturizer, Olay Fresh Effects. It is fairly light so I’ve been slowly making Yves Rocher’s Hydra Boost Concentrate Moisturizer part of my routine.

Go-to colour for eyes? 

I recently have been adoring matte shadows. I use my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to create my everyday look. I take the shade “W.O.S” all over my lid and browbone & Naked2 in the crease. Sometimes I just go with a quick swipe of my new favourite mascara, Maybelline Big Eyes.

Favourite music to listen to? 

I recently treated myself to buy some more songs because I haven’t in a while and I didn’t feel in-the-loop with popular songs. I have been listening to Royals by Lorde, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, Thirst by City & Colour, & Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Favourite Outfit to Wear?

Leggings (I practically live in those things year round), a comfy shirt and cozy cardigan. And my beloved Converse’s 🙂

Autumn Treat?

One last shopping spree! Before Christmas, I limit my purchases because I have bought myself items so many times to find that someone bought me the same thing for Christmas. So my Autumn treat will be one last spree before my spending ban! I am doing a wishlist soon about what I want to buy for my spree…

Favourite place to be?

I don’t really have a favourite place. I guess just outside in general. I love the brisk chilliness of autumn.

Hope you enjoyed this TAG!

Write your answers below!


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Disclaimer: Not affiliated with any brands mentioned. All opinions are my own as always!

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