Haul! Essie & Maybelline!

Hey there beauty cuties!

I have a haul here today. Recently, I went to Winners and purchased these two little beauty goodies…

Winners Haul 1

Essie’s Twin Sweater Set Nail Polish 

This is from Essie’s recently launched Fall 2013 nail polish line. This, a duochrome, and blue-grey colours were among the colours in the newly released line. This colour in particular is a lovely deep-cherry red. I recently got a manicure, and chose out Essie’s “Fishnet Stockings”. After coming home, I noticed the similarity of the two colours. I painted my thumb with Twin Sweater Set and they are practically a perfect match! Fishnet Stocking is a tad darker though you couldn’t really tell any difference.

Maybelline’s Yummy Plummy Lipstick 

I saw this lipstick and it practically screamed fall. It’s a gorgeous plum colours with a slight rose-undertone to it that makes it easier to wear. I think this will be one of my fall favourites for lipstick this year!

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