Saturday Ramblings #1

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

This is my first post in my “Saturday Rambling” series. A whole series dedicated to my ramblings. Unlike other posts, this will be slightly disorganized and scattered but if you’re new to my blog, don’t be afraid, the rest of my posts are nice an organized. I just had to put that out there before going into my ramble. With that said, let’s begin!

Saturday Rambling

Okay. You know how some Youtubers have like certain “greetings” they say everytime they start a video? Like Eleventh Gorgeous always goes “Heyyyyyyy” and they wave. Strawberryelectric48 always goes “hey gurl hey” so I decided that I needed one. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been starting off all my posts with “Hey There Beauty Cuties” and I really like it. It ties in the name of my blog and addresses what my blog is all about so over all I’m happy with it. Do you have a special “greeting”?

Have you heard about the latest Iphone’s? There is going to be the Iphone 5s and 5c. The “c” in 5c stands for colour because those Iphones are going to come in bright shades of pink, blue, & green. And the 5s comes in black, silver, & gold. I think if I was to get one of the new Iphones I would get the 5s. This is because I feel if I say chose out a bright pink Iphone, I few months later I wouldn’t like the colour. I feel that it’s just a little too trendy and not worth the money. What do you think?

I recently in the past few months have had an obsession with Wildflower cases. I love them! Some of them are a little tacky but the majority of them are so cute! I have restrained myself from buying them until now, but will be getting them soon! I have saved up already for one case plus shipping but I am going to save up for 2 cases, which I will be able to order in about a week and a half. I’m so stoked! I still have yet to decide which two I order….the dilemma!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to me ramble!

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Disclaimer: My ramblings were not sponsored…haha! All brands mentioned I have no affiliation with.


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