Mac Plushglass in “Posh it Up” : Review + Photos!


Im going to be reviewing a Mac Plushglass for you today! I got this in Las Vegas at the Ceaser’s Palace Forum Shops when I was there close to the end of June. Pics and more detail below!

image image image


-Not Very Sticky- This lipgloss is not as sticky as other lipgloss from Mac. The stickiness of this gloss is my no means unbearable

-Quite Long Lasting- Because this lipgloss is sticky, it’s quite long wearing!

-Colour- The colour is so unique! It’s a rose-y mauve with golden shimmer.

-No grit- This clip gloss has shimmer but no grittiness!

-Vanilla Scent- I love this scent! The scent is a vanilla. Not chemical or plastic smelling by any means!


Expensive: Mac is expensive though if you’re willing to save up or splurge its not really an issue

Sticky: Though I see this as a plus (makes it last longer) Some cannot stand sticky lipgloss. though this lipgloss isn’t as sticky as most I counted it as both a pro and con.

Name Wore Off: the “Mac Plushglass” label rubbed off. Kind of annoying if someone doesn’t believe it’s Mac! Guess it just means I love it!

Overall: A

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤

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