Revlon Lipgloss in “Pink Pop” Review

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

Today I’m sharing with you a beauty favorite hear in the beauty community, that was recently re-introduced from Revlon but in round more tubular packaging. Hello, there Pink Pop Lipgloss!

image image image image


Color Payoff- Oh. My. Goodness. One of the most pigmented lipgloss I own! I prefer using this just in its own because it’s just like you’re wearing lip colour underneath it.

Afforable- The pigmentation in the is crazy, so the fact it’s only 7$ amazed me.

Packaging- Again, I’m a packaging person! I don’t my things with dull packaging. This packaging like most of Revlon’s products is black, sleek, & simple.

Not Sticky- This gloss is not sticky! This lipgloss is not sticky nor runny nor goopy.


A Little Too Pigmented- Gladly, the downside (for me at least) is the amount of pigmentation this gloss has. I feel it’s too vibrant for everyday use. Though, for those daring people it might be perfect!

Overall: A+

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤

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