Revlon Lipstick in “Pink Sizzle” Review

Hey There Beauty Cuties!

I hauled this in an earlier haul (Check it out here: and I adore it! It’s such a unique, but sheer colour. Learn all the “Go’s” & “No’s” of this product below, as well as a few pictures!


Afforable- It’s inexpensive. I can’t remember the exact price but it was somewhere in between 6-8$

Unique Colour- This colour is a pink bordering on red but not bright. Very unique, I own nothing like it in my collection!

Smooth- The texture is nice smooth and creamy not gritty or thick in texture my any means.

Shine- This is of rom Revlon’s newest line of lipsticks the “Shine” formula. This does live up to its shiny claim!

Packaging- This sleek black tube has gold detailing, very cute!


Sheer- Though I adore this lipstick and actually like the sheerness of this lipstick, some might want to take the more opaque route when it comes to lip colour.

image image image image

Overall: A

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤

Twitter: @cutelil_b_blog or Cute Little Bblogger

Disclaimer: Any brands mentioned in this post I am not affiliated with. All products were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.


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