Almay Liquid Lip Balm Review ~Blooming & Pink Pout~

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Today I will be reviewing the “Almay Liquid Lip Balms” Almay’s first lip product released . These are liquid lip balms which to me, are basically non-sticky moisturizing lip gloss. I actually really love the fact that there’s no stickiness. Yes, it may not last as long on your lips but it also is very moisturizing so I’ll make the compromise! Another great thing is for a liquid lip products this applies a decent pigmentation to the lips. More than I expected, actually! Now onto the colour individually and more detail. ( the “more detail” is My new rating system with five categories worth 5 points each with a total of 25 possible points. The points earned I turn into a percentage and grade. If you like my new system please say in the comments, thanks!)

Blooming~ This is a an everyday pink colour for me. I have been keeping it in my purse as my on-the-go lip product of choice. This pink is on the medium side shade wise but was much mor pigmented then expected. Nice job Almay!

Pink Pout~ This is a deeper more raspberry but less red kind of colour (similar to revlon’s sorbet but more pink). Is has a magenta tone to it. Magenta, meaning deep bright pink. This is great if you want a nice perk-me-up bright lip colour.

Packaging: 5/5 (Nice simple appealing packaging. Doe foot applicator dispenses good amount of product. Clear tube makes it easy to tell the shade, not guess by the the colour of the outer packaging.

Availability: 5/5 As far as I am aware these are in e permanent collection which I enjoy a lot. Things like this should not be limited edition!

Colour Payoff: 4/5 This provided way more colour payoff then expected for a liquid lip product even in the lighter colours. Though, I do feel the formula could be a *tad* more opaque I really am truly impressed with the formula and colour payoff.

Texture: 5/5 These are non-sticky which I LOVE! Thought stickier lip products do last longer they aren’t very comfortable to wear in my opinion.

Price: 5/5 for Us 3/5 for Canada~ for the US these are practically a steal for a liquid lip balm a step up from the tinted lip balm colour payoff but in Canada it has a hefty 9$ price tag. In the total below I will be using he Canadian and US results below for viewers from both countries!

Total: Canada- 22/25 Grade: A  US- 24/25 Grade: A+

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