School Bag to Pool Bag (in 8 easy steps!)


Today I will be showing you how to transform your school bag into a full-proof bag for the beach or pool! And, in only 8 easy steps!

School Bag

School Bag

Pool/Beach Bag

Pool/Beach Bag

  1. Keep the Bag~ Keeping the same bag you use from school isn’t only a ore affordable and cute but totally functional!
  2. Reading Glasses to Sunglasses! -Since you’re done squinting area board filled with notes switch out your reading glasses with sunglasses and protect you eyes! (And be stylish!)
  3. Regular Lip Balm to Lipgloss- Make sure you switch out your regular old lip balm for some fun lipgloss! The sun with make your lips sparkle!
  4. Hand Cream to Sunscreen- Hand Cream was an essential in school but now it’s summer! A fun day at the beach (or pool) would be ruined if you got a burn!
  5. Keep the Waterbottle- Water was an essential in your school bag but even more so in a beach bag! Keeping hydrated is important, in the summer not keeping hydrated can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke (sad face)
  6. Ballet Flats to Flip-Flops -You don’t want your shoes getting wet! So buy a nice pair of flips flops you don’t mind get wet and be beach ready!
  7. Sweater to Coverup- Trade in your most beloved sweater for school for a beach coverup! So when you get out of the water your not freezing!
  8. Books to Magazines- Save lugging around a bunch of books around for school and opt for some lightweight magazines!

Hope you enjoyed!

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤

Twitter: @cutelil_b_blog


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