What’s new for summer 2013: Covergirl ~with photos~


So Covergirl (and most drugstore brands) have came out with a TON of new summer-themed products. Covergirl has came out with a whole slew of products from itty bitty sized nail polish to a whipped foundation! I have some pictures below and below the pictures details of the products!

CovergirlCCEyeCream Covergirl WHipped FOundation & BLush Covergirl Smoochies Lip Balm Covergirl Ink it! Liners & Flamed Out Mascara Covergirl Mascara, Shadow Pencil, Shadow Pots

~Covergirl “Flamed Out” Mascara- A so-called “igniter” brush in an hourglass shape said to “pack the punch”. The packaging is red tube with purple flame detailing. From reviews I’ve heard, not a good mascara. Doesn’t hold a curl and brush doesn’t catch every lash.

~Covergirl “Flamed Out” Shadow Pencils”- Cream Shadow put into a pencil to work as eyeliner or eyeshadow. The names all end in “Flame” (Ginger Flame, Crystal Flame, etc)

~Covergirl “Flamed Out” Shadow Pots- These are just singular eyeshadows. Only numbers on the bottom not the names but on Covergirls website it has the names

~Covergirl Whipped Creme Foundation- This foundation has the texture of whipped cream and comes in a jar. Much similar to L’oreal “Souffle” mousse formula. Uses a number system for names.

~Covergirl “Glow” blushes and bronzers- A blush compact containing a light highlight-y shade, natural blush colour, and a deep blush colour

~Covergirl Eye Rehab CC Cream- A concealer swirled with moisturizer in a pump packaging. Identical to they’re pump foundation put in mini and slapped with a “concealer” label.

~Covergirl “Glosstini” Nail Polish- Itty bitty sized nail polish in pretty summery shades! (Only 3.5 ml’s!)

~Covergirl “Smoochies” Lip Balm- Much like Covergirl’s “Lipslicks” but with retro two-toned packaging and hashtag (#) names. I have one and they’re moisturizing and give a nice sheer glossy colour.


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