Pastel Polish Tutorial: Mint & Lavender

Hey Everyone!

I recently bought some new polish and just HAD to do a tutorial! The colours I used are Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple”, a lovely mint. I have been wanting this mint forever (well like Christmas time) and even bought a different mint before buying this one, anywho, I’m sure glad I did! It’s definitely a true mint, not blue blue, not to green. For this look, I painted this colour on the thumb, pointing finger, middle finger, & pinky finger. To finish off, I used a pretty lilac-y colour on my ring fingers. The colour was Rimmel’s 60 second polish in “Sweet Lavender”. I hope you get a try to paint your nails with this look! Enjoy 🙂

image image

XO, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger ❤

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