H&M’s “Conscious” Collection+ H&M Goes Green!

Hello Lads and Ladies!

I recently went to H&M for some new black leggings (Long story short, a dog ripped a hole in them!) and saw their new “Conscious” collection based on army/forest green, and swamp and jungle scenes. This collection was very nice and “green” for spring/summer. Some of the things this collection included was a army green over sweater/jacket with green gem studded pockets, graphic tees (one with a “C” made out of jungle stuff and another with a symmetrical jungle design), Jungle trousers (ankle-length), and sheer no sleeve chiffon sheer fabric tops. But this collection also came with a nice cause. H&M is going “Conscious” about going “Green”. In the change rooms it has a sign saying “Do you notice a change in the lighting? That’s because we’ve made our lighting 11% more efficient since 2007″ and a brochure was also included in my bag that basically said that bring in your old/outdated/worn/un-used clothing because they will reuse them. To find out more, I took pictures of the brochure! Enjoy 🙂

image image




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