Haul! + Photos!

Hi Beauty Peoples!

Went on a little Wal-Mart spree and bought some beauty stuffs 🙂

First thing I got was the “Rocket” mascara from Maybelline. I already have the waterproof version and loved the look and it lasted without smudging after the pool but difficult to have to remove with makeup wipes on an everyday basis so I bought the non-waterproof formula instead. Even in non-waterproof this mascara still amazed me and I love it very much❤ The only thing is I bought it in brownish-black instead of blackest black which I usually buy but I’ll survive! 🙂 The other thing I bought is an eyeshadow single from Maybelline called “Blue Blazes” a pretty shimmery metallic pastel light blue. I wore it today (still am) and it ahead faded to a sort of silvery blue but I rubbed my eyes a lot so I really can’t say yet if its me or the shadow. The last thing I purchased was an item from Olay’s new “Fresh Effects” line. I bought their satin finish face lotion for around 11-12$. After I cleanse my face I apply this and it leaves my face so silky smooth without the greasy shine. I enjoy the non greasy look because I’m not oily skinned bout after putting a moisturizer on I always look like I am but with this it just looks like…me! I have a pic of the products below. I will probably to individual reviews later in the future but if you have any urgent questions about the products, just put them in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply!












Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


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