Beauty Blabber!

Hi Girls ❤

I am all cozied up in my sweater and ready to blabber! This years spring trends are going in all sorts of fun and unique directions from clothing to jewelry to beauty. Here are a couple of trends I found……

  • Clear jewelry (Loulou suggests this instead of a large coloured necklace)
  • Mint and Peach~ Great colours (pastels) and very in and spring-y. A good combo is mint article of clothing peach jewelry and vice versa!
  • True Blue~ A great statement and colour. Also nice paired with the cinnamon brown colour trend (blue button down/cinnamon skinny jeans?)
  • Bold beauty statements~Coloured Eyeliner, Bold Lip one colourful kick in your makeup routine is very now 🙂
  • Stripes~ A big trend on the designer runways~
  • What’s your fav beauty trend of the season? ~Vote on my poll (Here’s the Link:


Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger ❤


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