What’s in my “Quart Sized Baggie” (Toiletry Bag) + Photos!!

Hey Beauty Bugs!


I’ll be headin’ south next week and am only bringing a carry-on suitcase and purse so I can only bring a quart sized baggie. I am using my Crabtree and Evelyn clear bag I got in a set of 3 from Winners because I don’t trust ziplock bags but I’ll bring one just in case they say it’s the wrong size or whatever. Anyways, onto the fun part (photos!) 🙂

1) Neutrogena Sunscreen- This stuff is awesome. It’s about the consistency of a lotion and smells like sunscreen in the package and smells like a flowery greenhouse when rubbed in (<3) And another plus, it goes to 55! Score 🙂


2) Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream- Buying this I wasn’t exactly sure what a shower cream was but with some research (google) I found out what it is: ” A mix of a body wash and a lotion. Basically, just more moisturizing than a body wash. You still use it in the shower”  And, it smells A-MAZ-ING!!! OMG it’s in the scent “Orange Blossom and Bamboo” it smells so awesome I want to eat it! 🙂 AHHHHH 🙂


3) Organix Shampoo and Conditioner in Coconut Milk- No Sulfates, Smells like Coconut, Irresistible mini sized packaging. How could I not buy these? 🙂


4) Equate Saline Nasal Mist- The Wal-Mart brand nasal mist for mah nose. Nuff’ said…..


5) Maybelline The Rocket Volume Mascara (Waterproof)- I needed to get a waterproof mascara so I chose this. It’s amazing. It really lengthens my lashes without clumps. Let’s just hope it’ll hold up in the pool! 🙂


6) Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Ivory- Lovin’ this concealer. I first bought it in “Buff” but was a little too yellow for me 😦 It’ll be better in the summer when I’m more tan so I went out and bought it in Ivory, which basically just melted into my dark circles and concealed them perfectly. Definitely recommend! 🙂


7) Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent Eye Cream- Got this is the Sexy Little Stowaways set and have been using this day and night. It supposed to help fade my dark circles sooooo….ya. I brought it along ’cause it’s in a mini package 🙂


8) Benefit Cosmetics Sunbeam- Yet another product from the Sexy Little Stowaways set. This basically gives me the “tanned” look I want without sitting in the sun for hours only to burn myself as red as a lobster 🙂


9) Benefit Cosmetics Don’t Stay Stray- My concealer primer. Yet again from the Sexy Little Stowaways set 🙂


What’s in your travel toiletry bag? 🙂

XO, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger


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