Let ‘Em Breath ~ Living Nail Polish Free

Hey Girls!

Today my post is on keeping your nails clean and healthy! Sometimes we really need to just let our nails have a break from all the polish, files, and remover. So take on the nothing on my nails challenge. Just try to keep them polish free for a month! Here’s how: 1) Buffer~ A 2-4 sided buffer is ideal. My buffer is two sided (one side to smooth, one side for super glossy shine) that’s available at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It’s great to keep your nails looking good without the polish. 2) Thingamajig~ I have no clue what it’s called but one of those tools that removes the dirt from underneath your nails. This will guarantee clean looking nails. I un-dirt-ify my nails everyday so the dirt doesn’t build up and look yucky. A must have! 3) Nail Clippers~ Kind of a no-brainier but, nail clippers. Nails clippers will insure you don’t have long, jagged nails! Must I explain farther? Anyways, just give your nails a break! They deserve it! 🙂

image image image

Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


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