3 Pairs of Flats, 1 Shoe Haul , and a partridge in a pear tree!

Hey Girlies! 🙂

I got some shoes over the weekend! It was one for 14.50$ or three for 15$ so for the extra 50 cents, no brainer, two more pairs of shoes! I got three pairs and I’m sooooo excited! EEEKKK! 🙂



The turquoise pair is turquoise (duh) and have a kind of varnish-y shine and a cute bow at the end. The toes go to a point. They are very roomy and shiny and I enjoy them a lot! 🙂



The floral pair is a navy blue with cute little floral decals and little side bows on the toes. How cute? They don’t go to a point at the toes so they are a little more comfortable. The only things is I nearly got a blister on my left foot from these but I still like them very much (and I used a blister cushion so it’s all good! 🙂 )



The toe-area is light blue and the rest is dark blue and is a kind-a fuzzy, velvety texure with a bow on the toes (rhymed 🙂 ) And I like ’em a lot. I wore them the other day and they are very comfy except after wearing them a while my feet got kinds cramped but I was on my feet the entire day!


Thanks for reading my haul post! Xo 🙂


I reply to every comment and love reading them! Each one is like a sprinkle of glitter, so fill the comments with sparkle!

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