Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review!

Hello Beauty Bugs!

Today I am totally excited to review the “Dream Bouncy Blush” from Maybelline! Everybody talks about the bouncy cream texture so when I saw it for only 5$ a pop, I just had to buy one (okay, maybe two!). So the two colours I got were “05 Fresh Pink” and “45 Orchid Hush”. Orchid Hush is a lavender-y lilac cool toned pink colour but, on my cheeks a nice, soft, cool toned pink. Then there’s Fresh Pink  that’s literally just a fresh pink that gives me a pink-y flush on my cheeks. So basically for a softer look I use the Orchid Hush and for a brighter look, Fresh Pink. And now onto the fun “bouncy” texture. The texture is this creamy soft texture that I adore. I love keeping the blush in smooth condition so I haven’t stuck my finger into it (probably the only one!). I also really like the easy application because you just swirl your finger in the blush and swipe on the apples of your cheek! Overall a very great, affordable and pigmented product. Below I have a list of pros and cons of this product.Enjoy! 🙂


  • Affordable (5$ at Winners) 
  • Pigmented (Light at first, deepened colour with layering!)
  • Fun Texture (This is just a fun blush to touch, let’s face it! 🙂 )
  • Easy Application (You can use your fingers!)
  • Variety of Colours (10 Colours in a range from reds to plums to peaches to pinks)


  •  Hard to locate (I’ve been trying to get this for a while. Lots of the packages broken into and products out of stock) 

image imageimage image image image image image


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