Discontinued Products I Love #3 “L’oreal Hip Color Press Lipgloss in 480 Snazzy”

Okay so, this is a product I absolutely adore! First off I bought this at the cosmetic market in New York. It is actually two glosses in one. One side is a raspberry reddish/pink while the other is a juicy creamsicle. Together they form the prettiest colour. And the nifty thing is you can use one colour or mix because they come out different tubes! My two favourite things about this gloss is one, the pigmentation! Boy, it’s like a lipstick and gloss all in one! And my other favourite things about this gloss……it smells like cake and isn’t sticky. And in reality, for me the smell and stickiness of a gloss is very important! And really, who couldn’t resist  a lipgloss named snazzy? 😃


Xo, The Cute Little Beauty Blogger❤


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